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  1. mph33

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    Jan 9, 2012
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    i sold my galaxy S2 yesterday and made sure that all my pictures and music was on my mini sd card before giving the phone away. i pulled the card out and it showed no pictures on the phone. today... i get a mini sd card reader and pulg into my computer and i cant find the pictures. what am i doing wrong here? ive searched under dcmi... but dont see camera pictures. where should i look on the card? im really upset because i had some very sentimental photos on that phone. no way i can get the phone back and even if i did... i done a factory reset :(

  2. dragula2012

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    Feb 9, 2012
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    your pictures by default are storaged in this folder: DCMI/Camera which is in the SD card. I've done several factory resets and they never were deleted. Are you sure you made a copy of all your pics on the micro card? why dont you plug it in a different pc?
  3. lunatic59

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    Jun 12, 2010
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    As dragula stated the default path for photos taken by your phone is /sdcard/DCIM/camera/ which, unfortunately is on the phones internal storage, not the physical MicroSD card. The location of the actual memory card would have been /sdcard/external_sd/. The DCIM folder may have existed on your card if it was used in a different phone at one point and was never reformatted.

    In any case, try and get the phone back. A factory reset removes user data and reset the device but it doesn't delete media. If the new owner hasn't deleted them, you can still get them back.

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