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  1. kah22

    kah22 Member

    I'm still learning my Wildfire S and getting the problems sorted one by one.

    I've big fingers, not overly big, but big enough for me to make mistakes when typing sms messages. So I'm wondering if there is a stylus out there that might come to my rescue.

    The man in my local mobile phone shop reckons not and give me an example of how they DONT work. Still I'm wondering if there is a particular make of model out there that will do the job. It's not that big of an issue it's just that it might speed up the rate at which I can text :)

    As a by the way I'm using a screen protector if that makes any difference. As always many thanks for advice offered


  2. maddawgzy

    maddawgzy New Member

    I found the wildfire isn't to sensitive enough for a Stylus have to really tap!! Try Swype Keyboard worked for me i got fat fingers too.
  3. parkee

    parkee New Member

  4. talormolly

    talormolly Member

    When i try to get a stylus everytime, a real pen will be my best choice, fast and convenient. Sorry, just kidding but it's a fact :D
  5. maplegum

    maplegum New Member

    I use a stylus pen. I love it.
    I bought mine from Ebay for around $7 AUS.

    It has a tethering string that clips into the hole for your headphones so it is always with my phone.

    It works perfectly. I'll find the link if you are interested.

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