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  1. Meneer Jansen

    Meneer Jansen Member

    I have an Android tablet. It was not factory rooted. However, a certain application that needs an unrooted device will NOT work. So I installed a rooted rom, only to temporarily unroot it w/ the app Supersu.

    The old version of Supersu that comes w/ the rooted rom says that it finds the su binary. However, this old version of Superuser cannot temporarily unroot my phone. I can use ADB to push all kinds of versions of Superuser and the su binary to the tablet. But NOTHING works. It keeps on saying "su binary not found"???!! Mind you: when I start the app Superuser itself it DOES grant me superuser rights!!!!!! So the su binary can be used, but it can not be found???!!!

    I still have some roms and a utility to unpack and repack roms. So I can delete the su binaries from /system/(x)bin and the Superuser.apk from /system/app. So that way I can make my own rooted or unrooted roms.

    So another trick I tried it to make a rooted ROM for my tab w/ supersu intead w/ superuser. That one cannot find the su binary either!!!. (its own su binary that comes w/ the zip mind you!)

    However, like I said, if I use an very very old version of the su bin and a very old version of the superuser.apk it DOES find and outdated version of the su bin and rooting works fine. But the old Superuser version does not have the option to unroot my tab temporarly.

    What I would like to know is HOW the hell Superuser checks for the su binary. And how the whole su thing works in Android. Linux works far more clearly! And they friggin' say that Android's Linux based? I beg to differ.

    P.S. LG Android phone that works flawlessly:
    Code (Text):
    2. adb shell
    3. $ id
    4. uid=2000(shell) gid=2000(shell) groups=1003(graphics),1004(input),1007(log),1009(mount),1011(adb),1015(sdcard_rw),3001(net_bt_admin),3002(net_bt),3003(inet)
    The troublesome tablet (even when UNrooted):
    Code (Text):
    2. adb shell
    3. # id
    4. uid=0(root) gid=0(root)
    Notice that on the troublesome device I am root immediately, no matter if I installed the su binary and the supoeruser/supersu app!!! Might my tablet be messed up concerning the UID's's and GID's? And how can I fix this??

  2. Mikestony

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    Welcome to AF!
    While most of that is french to me, I don't understand how you installed a custom rom on an unrooted tablet?
    Also, I know that just the Superuser.apk alone will not work, you need a file that either comes in a custom rom, or needs to be flashed separately.
    What tablet do you have?
  3. Meneer Jansen

    Meneer Jansen Member

    Thanks for the welcome. :)

    There is more than one way to root a tablet. Mine, for instance, will not boot into recovery mode. I have an official rom from my manufacturer (from back when that company still existed). Also, I was able to download some development tools back then. The rom image file can be "unpacked". Then the tool puts the su binary and the superuser app into the right place and it repacks all files into a ROM image.

    That image can be flashed to the tablet and then you have an updated tablet. I cannot install anything via a Zip file by booting into recovery mode.

    Anyway al this does not matter much. How one roots or unroots one's tablet. It should simply work. If one app says your tab is rooted and one says its not then I ask myself how, precisely, app's determine if an Android device is rooted or not...?

    P.S. My tab is a 7'' Rockchip29 device by a manufacturer called 'FView'. The support forum nor the company site exists anymore.
  4. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ± Moderator

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  5. Meneer Jansen

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