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  1. jgatewo2

    jgatewo2 New Member

    I rooted my droid x late last night and now I think I may have fallen in to a crack in the system or something...
    When I are rooting my phone last night the root was complete and was working and the 2.3.3 update restarted my phone and I lost the SU privileges but the app remains...
    I tried to reroot and nothing happens z4root freezes and easyroot thinks that I am already rooted...
    I tried going back to factory settings and it nothing changes except the amount of time i spend redoing my settings....
    i also tried to update my SU and I get this error message.

    Automatic update failed

    An error occurred and su was not updated. A zip file ( has been placed on your sdcard, please reboot into recovery mode and flash it to update your su binary.

    help me out :confused:

  2. z0mb13m4n

    z0mb13m4n Well-Known Member

  3. jgatewo2

    jgatewo2 New Member

    I rooted it on froyo. If you can guide me on the process i would be very greatful. The flashing of a prerooted version went right over my head. thank you so much for your help so far. I am basically rooting this from very little experience. the lingo has been harder to pick up then I expected.
  4. cougar214

    cougar214 Well-Known Member

    If you are having trouble understamding the lingo check out the sticky for newbies. Its at the top of the main forum page and it can answer allot of your questions.
  5. z0mb13m4n

    z0mb13m4n Well-Known Member

    Ok, first of all, we should make sure that you are in fact on Gingerbread. Go to Settings>About Phone, check your System Version, it should be 4.5.596.MB810, and your Android Version should be 2.3.3.

    If thats right, then we're going to have to SBF your phone back to FroYo. There are 2 ways that you can do this. <-- I recommend this

    SBF&#8217;ing the Droid X U D G <-- a little more involved, but just as good

    Once you have SBF'ed back to FroYo, you will need to reroot using z4root. If your phones tries to upgrade to Gingerbread, don't accept the update. After you have root, download and install Droid2 Bootstrapper. It can be found on the internet, or you can purchase it via the Market. Download Titanium Backup and install it. Use it to backup your apps. Just your apps, not your system data.

    Download both file parts below and place them on your sdcard.

    File Part 1
    md5sum: a02e41f06370419ac4f8f77c45b52c1e
    file size: 99.4 MB (104,274,395 bytes)

    Mirror 1: Download Now
    Mirror 2: Download Now
    Mirror 3: Download Now

    File Part 2
    md5sum: 652ae2341f17fd46631be26c28e28eac
    file size: 12.9 MB (13,534,847 bytes)

    Mirror 1: Download Now
    Mirror 2: Download Now
    Mirror 3: Download Now

    Open up Droid2 Bootstrap, click on Bootstrap Recovery, then Reboot Recovery. Your phone will reboot into ClockWorldMod. Install zip files from sdcard. Be sure to install parts 1 & 2 before leaving CWM. Reboot. You should now have a rooted DroidX running Gingerbread. redownload Titanium Backup and restore your apps through it.

    And remember, we are not responsible for whatever you do to your phone, we only provide advice lol.
  6. jgatewo2

    jgatewo2 New Member

    bam now im back to good and liking my life again thank ya'll

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