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Success! Connected Galaxy S2 to iGo Stowaway Think Outside XTBT01 bluetooth keyboardTips

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  1. jedijunk

    jedijunk New Member

    I just stumbled across something while trying to connect my Samsung Galaxy S2 (the TMobile version) to an old iGo Stowaway Think Outside XTBT01 bluetooth keyboard and thought I'd share.

    When I went to scan for Bluetooth devices on my S2 and chose connect to keyboard, it prompted me for a pin but didn't give me an input box or onscreen keyboard. The message on my S2 screen when I tried to connect read: "Enter PIN Think Outside Keyboard to pair with "605655". So I guessed that it might be all done from the keyboard. After trial and error, I discovered that the number in the on-screen message worked as the PIN to type in on the keyboard! It seems that the S2 kind of "auto-generates" a PIN for this keyboard (and possibly other similar Bluetooth devices where you can input a PIN from the device?)

    Here's the specific steps that worked for me:

    - On the Droid, with Bluetooth turned on, go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Bluetooth Settings.
    - Now, go back to the Think Outside keyboard. Hit CTRL, blue FN and green FN all simultaneously for a second or two to initiate pairing. The green LED above the "T" will start blinking.
    - Back to the Droid. Hit "Scan for devices" and when the "Think Outside Keyboard" shows up tap it. The pairing process will begin and you will get a message like "Enter PIN Think Outside Keyboard to pair with "605655"
    - Immediately, go to the Think Outside keyboard, click and HOLD the blue FN key and hit "605655" (or whatever number appears in the message on the Droid) then, with the blue FN key still being held down, hit the "Enter" key. The Blue FN key turns the "Enter" key into the "Ok" key.

    Boom - you should be connected. When you close the keyboard, or it times out, it will say "Paired but not connected". All you have to do is reopen the keyboard or hit the space bar and the status goes back to "Connected". Any where you would have to use the screen keyboard, you can now use the Think Outside keyboard.

    I'm still trying to figure out why caps lock appears to be stuck on. Not sure yet if it occurs in all apps, but it's on by default. I seem to be able to cancel it by hitting backspace, but it reengages the next time I hit the Shift key. So something isn't quite perfect with the driver. Still...

  2. jedijunk

    jedijunk New Member

    Follow up... once the BT keyboard was paired, I got a new option ("Built-in keyboard") under "Language and Keyboard" in my S2 settings. Under that item, I unchecked all three boxes (Autocapitalize, autocorrect, double-space inserts a period), and chose Swype as my default keyboard, and now the Shift key is no longer stuck. Caps lock doesn't appear to work but that's no biggie for me. I'm happy!
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  3. cafegua

    cafegua New Member

    Thanks for your tips. Finally my old keyboard is working again with my Galaxy S2. If you find new tips, please let me know.
  4. lexcalleja

    lexcalleja New Member

    It's not that the Caps Lock key doesn't work anymore....it's been re-mapped to the Left Shift key. Good work with the rest though :D
  5. PuterPro

    PuterPro New Member

    After seeing this post I thought I'd try my old Logitech Cordless Elite BT keyboard, and BAM! it worked!
    You MUST type the number on the TOP row numbers, not the Numeric Keypad on this one.
    Great post!, Thanks!
  6. jamangony

    jamangony New Member

    I've followed all of this, and my previous (same) keyboard worked with the SGS2 I demo'd from tmobile for a week before it gobbled up over 5GB of data during that time (known issue). I recently bought a used SGS2 (tmobile) locally and it's great, but is not running my keyboard now. I see some "superuser" and other icons in apps that make me wonder if the user may have changed the OS in any way.

    any suggestions how to remedy this? I really miss my keyboard, and I know it's possible to get the two to work. will Ice Cream Sandwich possibly remedy this?

    thanks in advance!

  7. android3142

    android3142 New Member

    Thanks also; had not used my 'igo' keyboard for years since trying to get all my Palm usage back onto Android; terrific to unfold keyboard and start typing at conferences wherever. thanks!!!!!

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