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Success - Turn 4G off and keep it off!Tips

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  1. on the phones keypad dial: **583385##
    You will then see the option to enable only CDMA.

    after doing this it will say the action will take effect after the phones next reboot. Reboot the phone and it will now use 1X forever until you go back in there and turn LTE back on.

    To turn 4G back on you are going to want to select Enable Global Mode. This will allow LTE and CDMA. If you select Enable LTE only it will turn on 4G but turn off CDMA meaning no phone calls.

  2. eljefe0000

    eljefe0000 Well-Known Member

    good find mike but does this mean we would have to reboot the phone every time we change the setting if so it could be a hassle
  3. Shatterproof

    Shatterproof Well-Known Member

    Which one do I hit to turn it back on, the LTE Only?? I have it on where it shows 4G but cant make any calls whatsoever and every time I try to check my facebook messages it says
  4. Best option available for now until(if) a functional Toggle can be made.

    I can leave my phone on 1x all day so that it doesn't eat up the battery as much. Then in the afternoon when I may want to use 4G I can turn it back on. Performing a reboot is not that time consuming.
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  5. n4zty

    n4zty Well-Known Member

    nize how long does ur phone battery now last with 4g off?
  7. Shatterproof

    Shatterproof Well-Known Member

    Cool it worked lmao, thanks!!! But I noticed something, when I had it on LTE Only I went to Settings/Wireless & Networks/Mobile Networks, and it gave me the option to select 2G and underneath it said (Saves Battery) did you see this???
  8. sweet, thanks for pointing that out.
    I'll have to see if I can find what exactly that is doing. And If I can enable it durring normal phone use with 4G.
  9. Shatterproof

    Shatterproof Well-Known Member

    Yeah let me know what you find out about it:D
  10. qdOOd

    qdOOd Member

    Another GREAT post from MikesToolz, and it IS appreciated. Works great!
  11. ciper

    ciper Well-Known Member

    Good job on finding that window. Now my question is, how can we create a shortcut to it. I have been able to find a way to access some of the dialer code screens with a shortcut and this would be a great one.


    Global is the normal mode
    CDMA only is to disable LTE/4G
    LTE Only will disable calls and texts but allow 4g data only (you probably wont use this)
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  12. Mikedroids

    Mikedroids Active Member

    One thing to keep in mind that freaked me out at first until I figured out what was wrong is the fact that if you switch to LTE mode only you cant use headphones as it'll keep fc'ing the phone process. Not sure if it happens to everyone else but it happened to me and I cried a little inside lol
  13. RobertRiter

    RobertRiter Active Member

    Awesome man! You've made the phone usable for me until a toggle can come out. I'd rather have to jump a hoop to turn on 4G than watch my battery melt before I'd even get a chance to need it!

    Thanks so much.
  14. TRS-80

    TRS-80 Well-Known Member

    Unless you are watching some certain types of videos, and just want to be left alone. /tugofwarwithcyclops lol
  15. surfratz

    surfratz Active Member

    The shortcut is **LTEFUK##
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  16. rjsweesy

    rjsweesy Well-Known Member

    i dont have 4g here yet so ive been using my indulge on 1x and that battery lasts 2 days sometimes
  17. MetroPOS

    MetroPOS Well-Known Member

    So are you saying that this method saves more battery than the Any Cut method does (using the LTE Test menu's TURN ON/TURN OFF command)? I know the main advantage is you don't have to keep turning off 4G mode after each phone call by using this method, but does it also somehow save more battery too?
  18. Shatterproof

    Shatterproof Well-Known Member

    Heres another thing i found, i used Anycut and made a shortcut for "Video Call" then i used ur code and put my phone in "LTE Only" mode, after that i went to the video call shortcut i made and selected the call barring option, it says Sim Err, i hit ok then i hit the menu key and it says "Change Password". It shows that all calls are disabled but I wonder if the password will allow the option to enable all calls. I just figured I'd throw that out there like the 2g option I seen, I'm not sure if anything can be done with it but hey u never know unless u throw it out there right lol!
  19. Supanovah

    Supanovah Member

    Damn this is great news! And I just hit you up about the 4G Toggle/Battery Life a few days ago! Thanks for the reply and definitely thanks for the new find. I'm definitely copping the phone now....

    And everyone that's asking for a shortcut....couldn't you just create a new contact and add **583385## as the phone number? At least it's better than keying it in.

  20. cejay

    cejay Member

    There is no need 2 reset da phn after switching 4m 4g 2 cdma. Just call ur voice mail it forcece closes and its done. Faster dan reset n less annoying.
  21. cejay

    cejay Member

    Sorry Da last post was 2 switch cdma 2 lte. 2 switch lte 2 cdma go settings, about phone, status n it force closes and there ya hve it idk if its bad 4 our phones
  22. nootrak4

    nootrak4 Well-Known Member

    This is great but only if 1x was fast enough for me. I have the problem where the 1X comes out in tx and is slow as hell. 128kbs d and same up is not acceptable to me. This would mean missing work opportunity because i didn't load the site fast enough. but is good to know. I get a feeling this may have been what was wrong with my first phone but since the people at the corp store are a bunch of Dee-ti-Dees and didnt know who to enable the LTE.

    Great work Mike Indulge GURU!
  23. Silvist

    Silvist Well-Known Member

    Yeah in fact, I was the one who found the LTE functionality. I'm one of the only metro CORP employees that knows shit about android. And pretty dam soon i'm probably going to quit due to abuse from management. Awesome find Mike, and I'm definitely going to test the hell out of this. Have you tried the LTE functionality in CDMA only mode?

    Also if you guys want a fast reboot I would recommend the app Quick boot, only works if your rooted.
  24. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    Lte functionality in cdma only mode does nothing. I'm gonna check the "ugly" fc way and see if that works.
    Although cejay is right in saying force closes are less annoying than reboots.
  25. RobertRiter

    RobertRiter Active Member

    Just saying thanks again. My phone is lasting incredibly well now! I can leave it on all night off the charger and wake up to over half a charge left now. It'd been dead before I even fell asleep before. It'll be nice when the toggle comes around but this has made life much, much better in the meantime. It's worth the reboot to non-wifi stream movies, and the 1x is fine for basic maps and such.

    Hell, I can even run Background Data now without problems!

    One thing I noticed is that the battery lasts much longer with this than the LTE Toggle - it'd get pretty hot sometimes with that, making me think LTE was kicking in and it just wasn't showing as such.

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