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    Mar 15, 2011
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    I've had my phone for roughly a year and a half. I've had no serious issues with battery life until 1 - 2 months ago.

    Typically I charge my phone via usb while I am at my computer through the evening, and it then remains off the charger until the next evening, unless needed at which point I will use either usb or wall charger. I can charge my phone up full and it will last me approximately 18-20 hours, mostly being idle, sending and recieving occasional IMs and SMS messages. If I do anything like make calls life decreases.

    Now here is the big thing, if I enable data (not wifi) and try to do something like facebook or browse the net my battery within a min or so drain completely to red and force the phone to shut down.

    As always I keep apps up to date. The only changes I've made to my phone are...

    • New SD card, 16gb class 10
    • Rooted the phone with superoneclick 1.7
    • Installed terminal emulator
    • installed titanium backup
    • Installed App cache cleaner
    • Installed Adfree
    • Removed several system apps (safe ones; twidroyd/ubersocial, samsung apps, layar, daily breifing, allshare)
    • Moved all apps, except avg, to sd card
    I didn't change or do anything else (other than attempt to update superuser (but reverted back due to binaries not wanting to update). I don't know if it's the phone or the battery. Not sure if or where I can get another battery to test it.

    Any and all suggestions or help is appreciated. If there's anything you want to know just ask and I will do what I can to provide that info.


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