Sudden Drop in traffic

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  1. theleadfinders

    theleadfinders New Member

    I had a couple apps that were getting around 400 daily installs. They suddenly dropped down to around 50. What could possibly explain that?

  2. jonbonazza

    jonbonazza Well-Known Member

    Maybe you have already exhausted most of your potential customers.
  3. erdomester

    erdomester Member

    Same here. I had over 4500 downloads around 22th Sept, and it was increasing by 300-500 downloads every day. Then it dropped back to 3000 and 1800. When I reached 4500 I added *Over 4000 downloads a day! Thank you!* to the first line of the description. It all happened after this, but maybe it has nothing to do with it. I removed it, than I got 2100 and 2350 downloads and yesterday it was 1870. The daily uninstalls grow from 50-55% to 60-80%. That is not normal. I updated it two days ago, since I published a pro version. I haven't received any errors in a week. Furthermore, my app is listed in the top 5 in the top free Health & Fitness category. Exhausting the potential customers wouldn't cause such a catastrophal drop back.
  4. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

    You guys tested your app on Jelly Bean?
  5. ChrisJD

    ChrisJD New Member

    Is it a month since you released your app? I have seen people say that they have suffered drop offs in downloads after this length of time (~1 month is how long your app stays in the "new" categories).
  6. erdomester

    erdomester Member

    Yepp, everything started ont he 31st day, when it got out of the new category. But still,that doesn't justify the sudden increase in number of uninstalls. Now that it can be found when you browse the health category, or search for certain keywords, I still get 1500-1700 downloads a day, but 1200-1300 uninstalls, which is much higher than the 2000 uninstalls of 4500 downloads when it was on the rise! I think I should get less uninstalls now than the time when everyone could see my app in the new category.

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