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suddenly my phone is unable to send text messagesSupport

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  1. red chumpo

    red chumpo Member

    so today my htc desire has decided that it won't send any text messages. phone calls work, signal is fine, but whenever i send a text it just buzzes and says it's unable to send. i last successfully sent a text yesterday (20th may) at 23:39. haven't installed any apps since or anything like that.

    i am very frustrated. this is basic stuff here that a phone should be able to do. anyway, eventually it gives up and tells me:

    "Unable to send message after multiple attempts."

    any ideas?

  2. Iainl

    Iainl New Member

    Mine's the same. Not even sure I can receive them either as nothings come in today. I'm on Three.
  3. red chumpo

    red chumpo Member

    ah could be a problem with three then as i am also with them
  4. red chumpo

    red chumpo Member

    this is very strange.

    i put my three sim into a nokia phone, and a lebara network sim into the desire.

    now texting works from both phones. it's only when my three sim is in the desire that it is unable to send.
  5. kingvortex

    kingvortex Well-Known Member

    There is a problem with Three's network today. Loads of my friends that use them cannot send texts.
  6. Good Old Bakes

    Good Old Bakes Well-Known Member

    Yeah same here. I phoned 3 and there's a pre-recorded message saying that they're aware of the problem and they're trying to sort it.

    Phew, glad it's not just me... :) Wonder what's happened though?
  7. Rew

    Rew Well-Known Member

    They have resolved the problem now and all is working normally:)
  8. SCFC_Messiah

    SCFC_Messiah Member

    I'm with Orange and have had this problem since getting the phone about 2 weeks back.

    I don't send many messages, but I reckon about 1 in 4 fail and give me the above error messages

    Any suggestions!?
  9. The Stranger

    The Stranger Active Member

    I'm also with Orange, for the last few days my messages don't send, outgoing calls don't connect, incoming calls go straight to voicemail :(. I called Orange today, although the guy said there is a problem with the mast in my area, I don't feel at all confident, as one of my mates who is on an orange desire doesn't seem to have these problem :confused:.......I'm expecting a return call from them tomorow.....
  10. FelixofMars

    FelixofMars Well-Known Member

    I am on Orange and no such issues. Very rarely a text will fail but eventually does send. No problems with calls
  11. nx1977

    nx1977 Well-Known Member

    Seems like Orange have an issue with their network or Desire ROM...
  12. SCFC_Messiah

    SCFC_Messiah Member

    Having thought about it, I think 1 in 4 messages failing was a little ott on my part

    Definitely more than I've experienced with other phones though
  13. paulcooper

    paulcooper Well-Known Member

    I have had this on my t-mobile desire for 4 days now and it's driving me nuts.
  14. mamps52

    mamps52 Member

    i have this same problem with froyo vodafone, and with 2.1 before that.

    1 in about 4 messages fails...gets sent always eventually, however this is just not good enough. i still have to manually go and check wether the messages have been sent because if i dont it will bug me!
  15. lynnhowell

    lynnhowell New Member

    i am having the same problem but telus said it should be fixed by tommorrow afternoon
    i hope they right

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