Sudoku Capture + Sudoku Solver updates

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    I've just released new versions of my Sudoku apps. Both are free on Android Market and completely ad free. For more information about these apps you can visit my development blog at There Will Be Androids

    I'd love to hear feedback from anybody who has tried these out. Ratings and comments are also much appreciated. If you have any problems with the apps please contact me by email with as much information as possible and I'll try to resolve any problems in upcoming releases. :)

    Sudoku Capture

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Take a picture of a Sudoku puzzle with your Android device camera and solve it automatically in an instant! Game play features are coming soon.

    Version 1.4 just released with improved user interface.

    Sudoku Solver

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    A simple Sudoku solver. Enter a puzzle with the on-screen keypad and get the solution instantly. Works on any difficulty of puzzle.

    Version 1.4 just released. Now supports small screen sizes.

  2. jdamcd

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    New update for Sudoku Capture. Version 1.4.1 has an improved main menu layout.
  3. jdamcd

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    Updates for both apps released with minor fixes.

    New version of Sudoku Capture including game play and improved puzzle extraction process is in development. Release is likely to be towards the end of summer as another project is currently taking priority.

    Any feedback from people who have tried the apps would be great. :)

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