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  1. YamiR6

    YamiR6 Well-Known Member

    I used to have the body glove and phone was ran over by a car. Didn't make it through obviously. I love the low profile of the case just torn if I want to buy the same case or is there one out there that is just as slim but better features. I did notice how easy it was for dirt or anything in your pocket to get under the case. Looking for suggestions please guys.


  2. harukasan73

    harukasan73 Well-Known Member

    I bought the case-mate barely there case for my EVO (love it), and I slide it inside of a leather case (like a wallet) with a clip. Oh and the screen protector is the invisishield. the leather case and shield are from Best Buy, and you have to go to the case-mate site to buy the barely there case. I have dropped my phone a few times, but I refuse to run it over, lol
  3. jwaitetran

    jwaitetran Member

    i have the barely there case to from case mate and i love it! super sleek
  4. xPhantom

    xPhantom Well-Known Member

  5. gryme

    gryme Member

    I got the pouch made by body glove it has an aluminum spring clip and hooks rite onto your belt loop,phone easily slides in and out
  6. tyr-sog

    tyr-sog Member

    For me it was a toss up between the Otter Box Commuter and the Seidio Innocase Active. I chose the Seidio mainly because it looks a bit less bulky and I have read that it's a bit more grippe then the Otter. The active I found on Amazon for $18 but if you plan on using a screen protector like I am I guess that's another $10. The Commuter was $35 but comes with a screen protector. Not much of a price difference unless you skip on using a screen protector.
  7. takirb

    takirb Well-Known Member

    I can vouch for this one, love mine. It's the only case I use now and has protected my phn from quite a few drops. Also fits into my htcpedia side leather case very well.
  8. YamiR6

    YamiR6 Well-Known Member

    Now another issue though. I ALWAYS have my phone in my pockets. Jean pants mostly cause the problem. How is it getting them in and out of your jean pockets. Shorts not a problem to jean usually is with the rubber cases.
  9. Nick24

    Nick24 Active Member


    I bought this case. It is a TPU case, but the back is a matte black finish kinda like the phone itself and the sides are glossy black. Having the matte finish on the back makes it really easy to slide in and out of jean pockets and shorts. It was like $7 shipped from New York. This case gives the phone an ellegant look. HTC Evo 4G Crystal Silicone Case Skin GRAY CLEAR SMOKE: Electronics

    This is also an excellent case. It is TPU also, but it has a smoked clear color with a glossy finish. Fits the phone perfect. The buttons are easy to push. I love this case. It slides in and out of my pocket pretty well. It was little less than $6 shipped.
  10. xPhantom

    xPhantom Well-Known Member

    I am the same way and have absolutely no issues with the TPU case... it slides right in and out with no issues.
  11. JimSmith94

    JimSmith94 Well-Known Member

    Will any of these cases work with a docking station without taking the case off, or are the (expensive) Seidio cases/docks the only option?

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