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suggestions for a good contact widget ???? (Browse All)

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  1. aheroforbetty

    aheroforbetty Member This Topic's Starter

    Dec 28, 2009
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    Hello everybody,

    I was just wondering if anybody had any suggestions for a good contact widget?

    I'm quite frustrated with the stock 'people widget'... I find the size options are either too small or way too big, and I don't like having to carefully touch my contacts name to see their card, so as not to contact them accidentally by their default action.

    Are there any contact widgets on the market that you guys find useful?
    I guess I'm looking for something similar to the stock people widget, but more customizable.. maybe an option for sizing/how many people I want to show, and maybe one that takes me straight to their contact card.

    Thank you! :)


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