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Suggestions please.. tf101 wireless keyboardTips

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  1. Vegasbaby

    Vegasbaby Active Member

    I recently purchased a bluetooth keyboard for tf101 on amazon... it was total crap. It wasn't bluetooth at all, it was cheap and tiny (4,1/2in by 2,3/4in). I am sending it back so I am still in search of a keyboard for my asus tf101 tablet. Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated! My preference is wireless, but will take suggestions of docking ones also. I just want to get away from screentyping on long emails. :)

  2. AutobahnSHO

    AutobahnSHO Well-Known Member

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  3. doniago

    doniago Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I have to say I don't really see the point of buying a keyboard for the Transformer other than the one made specifically for it.
  4. akashik

    akashik Well-Known Member

    Bought mine with the keyboard dock. The tablet goes to bed with me when I want to read or Netflix, and goes back on the keyboard dock to charge in the morning. If I need to type anything more than a quick note, plop it in the dock.

    If I need to go anywhere, it looks like a netbook until I detach it back into a tablet and stash the keyboard (and onlookers think I just tore my netbook in half) :D

    An alternative keyboard isn't going to have that extra 8 hours of battery storage, it'll look nasty, and won't be that much cheaper than the 'official' keyboard dock.

    As Autobahn mentioned, the extra ports are a bonus too. Asus did a good good making the dock a valuable addition to the tablet. It's worth the $150.

    The combined tablet/dock is heavy though (two batteries lasting 12-16 hours). The whole thing looks like a netbook but feels like a mid-sized laptop. It's only 3-5 pounds though.
  5. Vegasbaby

    Vegasbaby Active Member

    Thanks Autobahn! You folks are right... need to stop cheaping it up and buy one that works with it. But, your link that you provided in your comment is not working.... maybe because the item is no longer available.? Anyway, if you can re-send, I appreciate it. Thanks.
  6. AutobahnSHO

    AutobahnSHO Well-Known Member

    Just search for "TF101 keyboard". Amazon, newegg, tigerdirect, bestbuy all sell them (in the USA, not sure where you are.)

    I wish they weren't so expensive- (up to $150, don't pay more than that) I've been looking on ebay for a broken or used one, I want to take just the hinge part and build some kind of carmount for the tablet. The thing is seriously sturdy, and you could wire a charger in as well..
  7. Vegasbaby

    Vegasbaby Active Member

    Just fyi... im in the usa. Thanks
  8. Doit2it

    Doit2it Well-Known Member Contributor

  9. interstate420

    interstate420 New Member

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