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    Hello all,

    My name is Jonno. I live in Oakland, CA near Lake Merritt. Oakland is in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is a super rad place to live and visit. Here I enjoy a lively bicycle culture, multi-cultural people everywhere I go, tons of great food that is organically harvested and grown in a way that is ethical and sustainable, plus all the great sites to see and beautiful places to visit. Simply put: I love living in the Bay Area.

    Conveniently, in the South Bay in Mountain View lies the Google complex itself. There is where the magic happens, and being so closely juxtaposed leaves me in a great position with respect to the implementation of google features across their many platforms. For example, google street view. They did the bay first, it just kind of makes you feel special in some trivial way. This kind of exposure, alongside the amazing products Google brings to the internet for free, which have led me to be a long-time google supporter before I moved to the bay area, has made me into a full-fledged, gmail-hawking google fanatic. It's the truth, Google really rulz. So I held out when the iPhone came out and crossed my fingers for the G1 to be everything I ever wanted and more.

    In October, my dreams came true, and I bought my first touch-screen phone, the HTC Dream, or G1, to which I upgraded from a Danger/T-Mo SidekickIII. While at first I missed my IM programs, and I actually lost my entire contact list (yeah that suckedddd) I could tell I was embarking on a journey I would never be the same after. The G1 has a long way to go, but I think the wait will be well worth it, and the freedom which google has provided it's mobile platform will assuredly produce results far superior to that of the iPhone and future competitors, and which already completely blow away phones like the Samsung Behold etc.

    So yeah, that's a little bit about me AND my love of google products. This concludes my introduction, thanks for reading


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    Oh hey, I forgot to mention I'm 23. Probably the only major detail that needs mentioning. Anything else anyone wants to know, by all means please ask! I love talking about myself =D
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    Nice intro, welcome :)

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