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  1. badideas

    badideas New Member

    For the last couple of weeks the sound will just stop working after pausing or switching apps. I mainly use spotify and pocketcasts. But after switching from the two of them using the widgets the sound will stop working altogether. The rest of the phone will work fine but the sound stops working even through the earpiece and headphones. restarting the phone will temporarily fix the problem but this has to be done at least a couple times a day since I listen to so much music and podcasts throughout the day. Has anyone else come across this problem or have an idea to fix it. It especially happens when switching from vibrate to sound


  2. Marc_G

    Marc_G Well-Known Member

    I just got my S4 back from Samsung service. I thought I had a software issue at first, because I would get static sound only on certain types of sound events or intermittently. The problem gradually worsened, and I FDRed and still had the problem. Sent it in to service under warranty, they replaced speaker / headset connector / LCD / printed board assembly. I sort of wonder what they DIDN'T replace! Problem solved.

    Not sure if your problem is related but I figured it could be a data point for you. I recommend doing a backup then FDR and test some things our while you are stock apps. If the problem goes away completely, it's a software issue. If not, time for service.


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