Super Pad 7 Memory advice wanted

  1. Kdbcom

    Kdbcom New Member

    Hi All,

    I am a newbie to tablets & have just purchased a Superpad 7.

    The vendor states that it has 20 gig memory & 1 gig on board & that it is running on an allwinner 1.5ghz ARM Cortex A8 CPU

    However these are the figures given when running Elixir System info

    Processor ARMv7 Rev2 (V71)

    Fq range 600-1.5ghz current 1GHZ

    Internal memory
    total 369.1 free 253.1

    External memory
    This is shown with an SD icon although no sd is in the external slot
    5.8GB available 5.8GB

    Ram Total 798.2 free 473.5

    Would these figures be correct for the vendors quoted spec or have i been sent a lower spec machine

    Your help in this would be appreciated


  2. Davdi

    Davdi Well-Known Member Contributor

    It sounds like you may have been sold a lower spec Tab than you expected. As you can prove this you should be able to ask for a refund. But...Main thing is: does it do what you want and was it cheap? If so, I'd not be too bothered about it not being exactly what you expected.
    These Allwinner tabs are often rooted from the factory. Install Root Checker from Burrows Apps, tell you if you're rooted, and which version of BusyBox (Linux utilities) is installed. Then (if it is rooted - most likely it will be) you can install No-Frills CPU control to overclock.
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  3. Kdbcom

    Kdbcom New Member

    Thanks Davdi

    It is a bit annoying if I have been conned this was bought in good faith on amazon though after buying it I found it came direct from China. Am a bit concerned that it may now be an upgraded Superpad 6. Not sure if the Ram is the 1 gig which would be a performance issue. It is almost as if the memory is 8 gig. would this make any difference to performance or storage capacity if I put in a 32gig SD card
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