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Super Street Fighter 4 thread

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  1. agentmage2012

    agentmage2012 Member

    This board needs a Street Fighter thread, hands down.

    When you post, if you play, also post what characters you use as a point of reference. For example, I main with Dictator (m bison) and Rose, siding in Juri, Dan, Akuma, Sakura, and occasionally Mokoto.

    I play on the xbox 360, usually with my special edition imported 360 controller (FROM MICROSOFT, has not been modded and never will be, not a cheater here:) ).

  2. tricksy_rabbit

    tricksy_rabbit Active Member

    Confused... are you saying using an arcade stick is cheating? Or do people go in and mess around with the xbox controllers to somehow get an advantage?
  3. agentmage2012

    agentmage2012 Member

    Modded controllers are cheating, not alternate ones. The people who use turbo modded controllers to get unfair advantages in online games. There's actually a fairly lucrative business around helping people cheat because they suck at online games so much.

    If you have to cheat to win, its "l2p" time. :p

    Do you play SSFIV at all?
  4. tricksy_rabbit

    tricksy_rabbit Active Member

    I don't, but I just wrote an article about it so it caught my attention. My boyfriend is also an avid player. I guess you could call me a Street Fighter widow. :rolleyes:
  5. yawdapaah

    yawdapaah Well-Known Member

    Hmmm. This thread didn't get much traction...

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