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  1. derrickdroid

    derrickdroid Well-Known Member

    Okay guys, was just reminded about the v6 Supercharger and 3g Supercharger. Has anybody tried using it on the Inc 2?!? I had it on my Evo back in the day and noticed a little increase in my Downloading/Uploading speeds. :D I used (found on market) to verify it. Just thought i might ask before trying it on the Inc 2.

    Here is the link ---> [Script][U9 RC4!] ALL WHEEL DRIVE -=V6 SuperCharger=- FIX RAM & Launchers, 3G & KAK! - xda-developers

    Have fun! ;)

    Please remember that if you do decide to go this route,

    The zip file was created for a certain phone.

    Just download the .pdf file.
    Then run that file in Script Manager (as Root)

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  2. derrickdroid

    derrickdroid Well-Known Member

    Alright so this is what i got outta 3g Turbo Charger

    I did a speed test before running the the file.
    This is what i got : Download:782kbps Upload:377kbps and Ping:197ms
    Now the test after the 1st Setting.
    Download:961kbps Upload:133kbps and Ping:173ms
    The test after the 2nd Setting.
    Download:1605kbps Upload:175kbps and Ping:193ms
    The test after the 3rd Setting
    Download:1755kbps Upload:309kbps and Ping:175ms :D:D:D
    The test after the 4th Setting
    Download:1630kbps Upload:147kbps and Ping:218ms

    Thus i think Setting number 3 (faster!?) is the most optimal for my phone
    btw an attachment of a screenshot is added if you dont believe me! ;)

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