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  1. mutari

    mutari Well-Known Member

    Copied from another forum:
    Latest Updates at TOP:

    New Official Superpad2 FlyTouch3 Firmware Download With Adobe Flash 10.1 (Third Release)

    Greetings tablet users,
    Please find below download links for the third edition of firmware released for the Superpad2 FlyTouch3.

    This edition includes Adobe Flash 10.1 and also resolves the minor issues running Angry Birds in the previous firmware release.

    To install the firmware, download the .zip on a PC from the link below. Extract the contents of the zip on a PC and copy the two files to the root directory of a formatted TF- Flash Card. Note* the root directory of the TF-card is the highest main directory location on the card, such as c:/ on a PC.

    The two extracted files must be placed in the root directory of the TF-card. Insert the card in to the Superpad2 FlyTouch3 and power on the tablet. The installation will be automatic.

    This firmware has been fully tested. It is still recommended to use the Vimeo+YouTube.apk for viewing video. You may now watch video directly within the browser using Flash, but the high quality of video playback with the Vimeo YouTube app is slightly better.

    Download YouTube+Vimeo.apk Direct From aPad.TV

    Alternative Link:
    Download YouTube+Vimeo.apk From DepositFiles Mirror

    Important Update: If you recently received your new tablet PC, we suggest holding off on re-flashing any new firmware, including official firmware and user created firmware. This is while some screen size compatibility issues are resolved with newer units.



    Release Date: 20110302
    The Download Link is Here
    Deposit Files

    Alternative Download Link is Here=
    or: -


    New update specs:
    Model number: disco
    Android version: 2.2-20110302
    Base band version: unknown
    Kernel version: zhjun@zhjun-desktop #2
    Build number: FRF85B


    Copied from another forum:

    Official Superpad 2 Flytouch 3 Firmware V5 Release for 576 screens

    Please find below an official firmware release V5 (for x576 screen support), as currently recommended by the iBex factory for 1024x576 resolution Superpad 2 Flytouch 3's.

    Also find below an update to the Adobe Flash Player including better support for in browser video playback (best results have been reported by removing the current Flash player and then rebooting, then installing the new updated Flash player).

    Do not use this firmware on tablets with x600 resolution screens.

    Release Date: 20110430
    Firmware Download Link: Deposit Files

    Updated Flash player Download:Deposit Files

    Please post your feedback below.

    Best regards,

    Note* if you are not sure what type of screen you have on your tablet, use a system info app before you attempt to re-flash this firmware. This is to check and confirm you require the x576 release including bootloader. If you have already re-flashed a firmware and now have a screen clipping issue the system info app will not report the correct settings, in which case post below or check out the Screen Position thread for further details.


    Useful Utilities:

    (Use this to format your SD card before flashing firmware)

    SD Formatter 3.0 for SD/SDHC/SDXC

    H2testw 1.4 for detecting counterfeit Flash drives

    Please confine this thread to Superpad 2 Flytouch 3 firmware update-Official Releases Comments ONLY.
    Thank you


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  2. criminalogic

    criminalogic Member

    When someone updates please confirm if adobe flash is now compatable, thanks
  3. colin4unow

    colin4unow Well-Known Member

    Hi criminalogic.
    Its my belief that on any flytouch Flash will never work no mater what firmware or android version. This is because that flash is not supported by the Arm processor in the flytouch devices. the best solution i have found is to use Skyfire web browser. This will run some (not all) flash websites.

    Hope this helps

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  4. MrSmith317

    MrSmith317 Well-Known Member

    The instructions you quoted list android 2.1 isn't this Android 2.2?
  5. colin4unow

    colin4unow Well-Known Member

    Hi MrSmith317
    I believe this is a firmware upgrade not a Android operating system upgrade. perhaps mutari can confirm.

  6. mixterz

    mixterz Well-Known Member

    flashed mine no difference, just wiped all my apps ha
    flash still doesnt work. though why from the youtube vid are they playing angry birds and youtube which clearing isnt working, odd ?
    i got mine from ************
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  7. colin4unow

    colin4unow Well-Known Member

  8. mutari

    mutari Well-Known Member

    For criminalogic:
    No specific yes or no yet from the manufacturer, but they are working on it. Not all 2.2 devices have flash yet. When it's in Market it means it's compatible with your device, it maybe released as an update or it may come within a new ROM. All unconfirmed at present.
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  9. mutari

    mutari Well-Known Member

  10. mutari

    mutari Well-Known Member

    Those instructions came from a second party. The lead instructions came from the official site.
    As you can see, i only eluded to the part about pressing the reset button.
  11. criminalogic

    criminalogic Member

    Well the reason is i have sold a number of these tablets for chingrabber and was told my new orders now support Flash after this new update?
    I asked for the update file and was just refered to and This seems to be the same update.

    Thanks everyone
  12. mutari

    mutari Well-Known Member

    The heading says: Superpad 2 Flytouch 3 firmware update
  13. criminalogic

    criminalogic Member

    The youtube vid was before this update....
  14. Markinton1957

    Markinton1957 New Member

    What is the exact version of this firmware update (Android version, kernel version and build number)?
  15. mixterz

    mixterz Well-Known Member

    got youtube working, install mini browser and skyfire from the market
    browse youtube on mini then play any vid an option will pop up click use with skyfire bingo :)
    angry birds needs to be installed minus the sdcard in the machine, and downiloaded from market from your browser not market app. then it will install successfully :)
    id imagine many games could work this way too!

    oh and is it possible to run cyanogenmod Os on the superpad 2,
    is it any better or what?
  16. mutari

    mutari Well-Known Member

    I can't get live wallpaper to run.
    I download an app, it install, i press menu, wallpaper, But no live wallpaper name or folder.
    Has anyone got this to work?
  17. mutari

    mutari Well-Known Member

    To Mixterz:

  18. MrSmith317

    MrSmith317 Well-Known Member

    I just got my FT3 and I have a completely different android version. Funny that they're the same build. And yes Flash works marginally(bad color) on this FT3.

    Model number: disco
    Android version: Android2.2-20110302
    Baseband version: unknown
    Kernel version: zhjun@zhjun-desktop#2
    Build number: FRF85B
  19. jannoi

    jannoi Member

    Im a reseller for the FT3, and recently getting the newer firmware versions. 20110302
    i can notice the newer firmwares support youtube, angry birds and flash. and are without lagg in the UI. Could someone compile an update of the newer firmware?
  20. MrSmith317

    MrSmith317 Well-Known Member

    I have that exact firmware and can confirm that it does NOT support angry birds, flash runs but with heavy video issues, and I don't really use youtube so that I can't speak to. The UI is pretty snappy but the above issues were not fixed in this firmware release.
  21. mixterz

    mixterz Well-Known Member

    i thought i was running the latest firmare 20110221 clearly not any link for your update ?
  22. MrSmith317

    MrSmith317 Well-Known Member

    Mine shipped with that firmware.
  23. jannoi

    jannoi Member

    ive got a never version last week, it was dated march 2011.
    Does someone have that firmware, and can share it?
  24. catalin49

    catalin49 New Member

    i receive my tablet whit frimware march 2011 version but i have problems, gps dont work, many programs like videobox, youtube dont work, game like angry birds works perfect.
  25. Goldenboy1

    Goldenboy1 New Member

    I'm very new to android, got my FT3 just 2 weeks ago. I can't confirm which firmware update I used but it appears to be the latest release from I can confirm that Flash works, albeit slowly, Youtube works but could stand to have some bugs worked out, and Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and every other game that wouldn't install successfully like Raging Thunder, Winds Of Steel and Labyrinth have all been installed with ease. But there is a trick to it and I don't know if it's a result of the firmware update or not BUT... Once you update your tablet to the latest firmware release (version 3 on YOU MUST THEN UNMOUNT AND REMOVE THE TF CARD. Once that's done, go to market and download til rapture. Replace TF card and everything works splendidly. Enjoy, and You're Welcome.;)
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