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  1. semrz1

    semrz1 New Member

    Need expertise to solve this probelm. The 3G Setting does not work, and I can see the "3G network" is grey out. I tried to turn on by just touching on the 3G network setting but it's still grey out. What's the probelm with this setting? :mad:

  2. chaiwingwai

    chaiwingwai New Member

    i using broadband 3g but cannot connect
  3. addeist

    addeist New Member

    I was bought superpad III flytouch 3 8GB yesterday. it used android 2.2 Froyo. But I cannot use my Huawei E169 Modem on that device, indication of 3G alert on top bar, but I cannot connect to internet. I use Telkomsel flash in Indonesia, I try to set parameter of my Telkomsel, but not connect to.
    Give me advices please.....:mad:
  4. semrz1

    semrz1 New Member

    After going through this issue, I went to an alternative route. I bought a MiFi instead, without plugging to the SuperPad. It's working great. I bought Huawei E5830...
    Probelm solve for me...

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