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Superpad III black screen whit IUW (1Ghz / 10", 16gb /android 2.3) tabletSupport

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  1. ramis5

    ramis5 New Member

    I try flash Superpad III whit IUW program and result was black screen all the time. I was using www.apad.tv+9v_600 named file....

    When I start pad pressing whit power+menu button, IUW is getting green light..

    Can I flash this pad to work and what files i should use and any link for download?


    Is this now only good Frisbee for trash?

    Thanks :)

  2. rimn80

    rimn80 New Member

    I have the same problem, i hope somebody have a solution.
  3. huri01

    huri01 New Member

    I also have a similar problem.
  4. ernestrd

    ernestrd New Member

    Oh I Also have a similar proble - have been looking for an answer for hours
  5. mirushaki

    mirushaki New Member

    My model is (SuperPad III) on box;

    model is: P1001R(as I remember)

    I flashed it using iuw1,2 and 9v_600 firmware.
    after restarting only black screen, and vibration when I press power button.
    I tried key combination, no success.
    Then I opened device. On motherboard is written:
    "YONES TOPTECH-101 2011/08/11"


    I found internal SD card( it is 8GB and not 16GB as I supposed! heh!)

    I opened SD card with my laptop and it is ALMOST EMPTY, only some empty folders.

    I think after flashing sd card was formatted, or android files are not visible on windows, but any way can this cause the screen problem? or during flashing gpu(or some chip) is damaged and not functional? I check connection and they are fine, but screen is black...

    USB to USB connection is not accessible, because device is turned off :(
    At start computer detects device(plug in sound) but after few seconds the device is vanished from control Panel :(

    Any Suggestions?
    It would be a good try to find SD card with original firmware, that supports P1001R model and insert it in internal sd card slot. If I knew, I would buy Disco10, that supports tim's firmware...
  6. mirushaki

    mirushaki New Member

    I am investigating my PAD with NO success.
    But I have found a firmware which is likely to be correct firmware for P001 models. Check this site: Click Here

    Check the 3rd one...


    Again if you have OTG connection with your pad, this might help you.

    Again do it at your own risk!

    By the way, I have no information about YONESTOPTECH-101 2011/08/11
    BUT, I have found a good video of RECOVERING DEAD SUPERPAD.
    In this video.
    It is shown that, MX29LV800 chip is reflashed. YONESTOPTECH-101 board has different chip: MX29LV400BTC-90, but they are very similar, They are both TSOP-48. That means this procedure will make change in MX29LV400BTC-90, You will be able to connect it with OTG and update CORRECT firmware with iuw 1.2!!!
    But, this procedure needs some device(Willem Programmer and adapter). Also uboot-nand.bin image and SOME KNOWLEDGE:)

    If you find any information about YONESTOPTECH-101, P001 model and JTAG(other possible solution), please, be kind and share it with us!
  7. cbabe

    cbabe Member

    i have a super pad 3 its not rooted or anything, all stock everything. the battery died lastnight and screen has been black since... sombody pleaseeeeee help!! i've tried every button combo ever invented and the charging light comes on and even went from red to green (showing its fully charged) PLEASE HELP!

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