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  1. bash62

    bash62 Member


    I have superpad III.

    Please can anyone let me know what system files I need for a fresh install or flushing.

    Where can I download them from?

    I want to use my computer to check for virus on the sd card for my superpad do I need a different antivirus for android files or can my desktop PC nortons antivirus do this?

    Thank you.

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    This is an off-brand device. Problem with the Superpads, there's several unknown Shenzhen manufacturers making tablets called Superpad. Sometimes they're called Flytouch as well. So you'd have to locate the actual correct ROM for your tablet, if that's possible.

    There's some ROMs here for Superpads and Flytouches. You may be lucky, no guarantees.
    [ROM] - Official Releases-Superpad 2 Flytouch 3 Firmware -

    You could have a look at a ROM called Uberoid as well.
  3. bash62

    bash62 Member

    Thank you for reply.

    Is it possible to give names name of the system files for superpad iii?

    My superpad is only flashing white light and constant vibration, it does not do anything esle.

    How can I check for virus in the ROM?

    Thank you
  4. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Trouble with Superpad 3, it's such a generic name. Seaching on Alibaba shows about 155 different Shenzhen and HK trading companies all destributing tablets called "Superpad 3", and they're often referred to as "Flytouch 3" as well, apparently from unknown manufacturers. Sometimes but not always, the device's system information, like kernel build might give a clue as to the manufacturer. But even if you do manage to identify a particular Shenzhen maker, often they don't even have a website, or a very miminal one in Chinese only. Let alone have any ROM files available.

    BTW a "trading company" in China, can literally be just a hotel bedroom. I've seen it.

    Can you see anything that looks familiar?

    I bet it just has "Superpad 3, Made in China" and not a lot else to identify it. :rolleyes:

    Almost certain you can't get individual system files. Usually a ROM comes as a single binary that load into the tablet, when it's in recovery or flashing mode.

    Shouldn't be a virus in a ROM file. But having said that, certain Chinese manufacturers do so some rather strange and occasionally sinister things with Android, like Communist Party of China government censoring. And the chances are with a Chinese device, that has a Chinese build of Android, it will be sending information to servers in China, to which Beijing(CPC) has full access.

    If a device is working you can install something like Lookout, that will scan for malicious apps and activity.

    Have you tried hard resetting it? Either by poking a paper-clip into a reset hole, usually on the back, or by holding down volume up or down and power for about 10 seconds.
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  5. bash62

    bash62 Member

    Thank you for reply.

    I did some resets:
    Power + vol.
    Power + vol + black button
    and few more also did use the reset button too but nothing.
    I thinking could it be corupted files....

    My superpad is only flashing white light and constant vibration, it does not do anything esle.

    I found these on EXTERNAL SD CARD 4GB THERE IS 3 FILES
    .android_secure (empty).
    Flash_Player: Logs
    3 JPEG Images

    I HAVE OPENED this superpad iii
    all inside looks good and has SD card inside too.
    data.tar 69,180 KB
    ramdisk 166 KB
    uImage 2,627 KB
    uImage_recovery 2,442 KB

    Are the right files. If these are corrupted and which files do I need?

    Details found on circuit board:

    What if I format both SD CARD & put new files on them maybe it will work!

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