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SuperPad III'sGeneral

Do you own a SuperPad III?

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  2. No

  3. I'm not sure, but it came in a SuperPad III box.


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  1. Compubyte

    Compubyte Member

    Well I for one am sorry you feel that way ..
    for starters.. ( AND SOMEONE CAN CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG) .. I believe the 2 TF slots are only good for 16GB each so you can get a total of 32GB If you buy Two SD cards and put them in both slots.. the SINGLE TF slot one. takes a 32 GB card. so really it's the same . just ONE card instead of needing two cards.. I personally like the ONE slot myself. I mean that's like saying. hey I have an 80 GB hard drive. well (2) 40 GB drives.. I'd just assume have the 80 GB .. preference i'm sure..

    As for the flash. Mine is working fine. No issues with it at all. But then again it came pre installed.

    I WOULD HIGHLY SUGGEST that you ROOT it . and go with TIM 3a ROM .. after I installed the two files onto the root of my SD card and it configured. I popped out the card. rebooted. and put the SD Card back in and deleted the 2 files.. it runs MUCH smoother and better.

    You should have 4GB of ram onboard.. But you will ONLY see about 2 GB .. simply because 2GB is being used by the android O/S and applications etc. that are preloaded..

    as for touch etc.. it's the type of 'touch screen' it is.. YOU will get use it quickly.. there are a few quirks. which Tim 3a takes care of . and it's definatly worth the $180.00 for it. Least the one I have !!

    Good Luck. and root it with Tim 3a.. and give it a shot. it'll make a LOT of difference.

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  2. Compubyte

    Compubyte Member

    Okay .. not ready yet to do this. BUT it's on my TO DO LIST.. when i'm bored and have nothing else to do.. I already have an 8GB SD card. and i'm thinking of tearing this sucker open .. looks like only 4 or so screws hold it together. and see if I can remove the 4GB internal on and se eif it'll work/see the 8GB .. almost time for folks to start hacking / moding these things :)
  3. smorgan19

    smorgan19 Well-Known Member

    Yes i'm gonna do the same as soon as my 2x 32gb cards arrive. One for internal and one for external.

    You'd need to copy the existing partitions that are on the current internal card to the new probably using dd copy and a linux distro. Then resize the partitions to accomodate the new space. I'm not sure which partitions are what yet or how many but will post info once i know.
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  4. smorgan19

    smorgan19 Well-Known Member

    At a glance the new SuperPad III isn't much different from the II version. If anything, it's not as good because it only has 1 TF slot
    As compubyte stated the one TF slot supports up to 32gb. The old version FlyTouch II's had 2 TF Slots not the FlyTouch 3's (SuperPad IIIs) and only supported up to 16gb. SuperPad 2's also only have one TF slot as they are FlyTouch 3's.

    Doesn't support flash player 10.1 like ALL the sellers claim.
    Upgrade your firmware to Tim3a and retest

    Doesn't respond very well via touch or tilt.
    again upgrade the firmware to Tim3a for more responsiveness with screen

    Doesn't support HDMI to HDTV very well either..Volume and upscale issues render it almost useless..You would think they would have incorporated a regular HDMI slot too on the new version..NOPE
    the SuperPad 3's have a regular HDMI slot, video output is ok.

    Doesn't have 4GB of memory
    Comes with 4gb internal if you bought the 4gb model. Tho there are 2gb models with 256mb RAM out there but also does keep aside 2gb for the operating system

    when I tried to install Flash I was asked to insert removable media
    Perhaps your system setting is set to install apps to SDcard and not "Let the system decide" or "Internal"

    If there was 2GB free of the 4GB why does it ask for an sd card??
    Refer to above, also some applications store cache files on SD card to speed up applications

    Like the fake ipods they sell, I believe these tablets have hacked memory cards aswell..
    What do you mean hacked memory cards? The internal memory is just a 4gb MicroSD card which could be upgraded if you know how

    Doesn't support Canada in weather app...previous versions did..
    Australia isn't listed in the weather app either... Simply uninstall the weather widget and install another one from the market that does support Canada

    GPS feature sucks & google maps always revert to China Location.
    GPS works fine, i use CoPilot Live 8 with no problems. There are fixes to fixing the stuck GPS location in China. Have a read through previous posts in this thread.

    don't expect Netflix or other online streaming sites to work, because they won't!
    Try installing Mobo Player and see how you go. If you want to stream music or movies from your home pc or media server. Use UPNP Play and Mobo Player. These work fine together for me.

    Hope this helps :)
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  5. ftanl

    ftanl Member

    Thanks! Will give it a try & post back when I get things going..
  6. phoneguy509

    phoneguy509 New Member

    Thanks for the angry birds tip.
    Was still looking for answers on two fronts.
    1) do speakers turn off when using headphone jack?
    2) maps app that are pre loaded maps ( no internet required )

    Great pad for the price with tim3. I am posting this with it now.
  7. smorgan19

    smorgan19 Well-Known Member

    I tested angry birds with headphones in and speakers turn off
    pre loaded maps apps should work with out internet i think providing you have the gps turned on and antenna pluged in. Tho i recommend installing good map software from the market such as copilot for your area.

  8. Roidz99

    Roidz99 Well-Known Member

    Hi all !

    After my posts beeing deleted on another unamed forum , i got forwarded to this forum, i hope the admins dont delete posts here just because we discuss cloned flytouches :)

    I recently bought a superpad III from alibaba.com. I was beeing fooled there i tought i was buying a superpadII. I had almost the same experiences with the device as most other people it seemed. Most problems went away with Tims latest rom, so i can only recommend it to everyone !

    I also had the gps beeing stuck problem but also that problem went away after the upgrade (and the gpsa reset fix).

    My battery was once stuck at 88% for a while, no mather how long i charged it. This problem fixed itself after a while, i don't know what caused it. Right now the battery seems to load 100% and lasts 2-4 houres per charge.

    This brings me to the biggest downfall of the clone device... the battery.
    The original superpadII suposed to have alarger battery then this clone,which would make it last double as long i think.
    I saw that you can buy the original superpadII battery online, and i'm considering replacing it.
    I have no experience with this so if anyone have done it before and can make a guide (preferable with photo's) ,i think that would be very helpfull.

    Then the last problem i have with it is the chargers sockets pin (that fits in the device) - this is very fragile and is twisted a bit on my charger.
    This makes using the device impossible while charging because it looses connection very easy.
    I think this is a problem with all flytouches,not only with the clone device there they use the same charger (i think).
  9. smorgan19

    smorgan19 Well-Known Member

    LoL yes i got banned and posts were being deleted too from that same unammed forum. Here it's all about freedom of speech and no judgemental opinions.

    Tim3a is great!

    The charger issue... Mine charging pin came loose and fell out a few weeks after use. So i bought a new one from JayCar here in Australia. Has Australian plug and works a treat! Also came with lot's of other adapter fittings. The charger is positive polarity (+ on center pin). The charger i bought is here: http://www.jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?ID=MP3480&keywords=mp-3480&form=KEYWORD but i'm sure you could get something similar from RadioShack if in the US. The adapter is 5V 3Amp (3000mA), so should charge a little quicker than the 2500mA adapters. Also those cheap plastic international adapters you get with the clones are also no good.

    Forgot to mention the pin size for the chargers are 0.7mm ID 2.35mm OD.

  10. Roidz99

    Roidz99 Well-Known Member

    I'm in Belgium , we don't have radioshacks here. I might buy a charger online somewhere. I will ask opinions first here to make sure i get the right one.

    PS: i bought the 8gb superpadIII.

    i'm not really sure what makes the 8gb better then the 4 or 2 gb versions .

    Is it just more internal storage ? i don't think i even used it yet,or is it the storage automatic beeing used when u isntall something from the market ?

    PS: the link you posted can't be opened,i think u need to be logged in there to open it
  11. smorgan19

    smorgan19 Well-Known Member

    Sorry bout that, i've fixed the link. More internal storage. It gets used when you install something from the market. I have the 4gb version but plan to upgrade the internal storage from 4gb to a 32gb micro SD. ;)
  12. Roidz99

    Roidz99 Well-Known Member

    Thanks,this is very usefull info.

    I try to score one locally here first,if i can't find one i look online.
  13. Pulsator

    Pulsator Member


    I also have a Superpad III (says so on the box) which I bought via Ebay. Looks every bit like the Flytouch images I have seen and not having any real way to distinguish the difference I figured higher number means newer revision - right ?

    My specs, as confirmed by the seller are:
    screen: 1024x600
    CPU: 1Ghz
    Mem: 512Mb DDR2
    Storage: 4Gb (2.2Gb free)
    Camera: 2Mb
    1/0: Looks the same as the FlyTouch with 1 TF slot.
    Battery: Lithium-Ion 6 hour
    G-sensor: all sides (tested working with normal screens though I haven't tried any games)

    Well, I have been having some problems and while I have arranged to return the unit to the seller for a full refund I thought I would ask if there are any solutions that could enable me to make proper use of the tablet:

    1) Marketplace

    I can only see a small set of free apps in marketplace in comparison to my DesireHD. I tried searching for common apps like YouTube, DolphinHD, Skyfire etc but while other apps are listed these are not.

    2) Flash

    I bought this unit on the strength of it's flash playback as I browse some sites that use flash video, like formula1.com. The flash playback is terrible, at best black and white but jumpy and slow with poor synch between video and audio.

    Anybody know of a way to improve this?

    3) Audio

    Good grief - I need to have ears like a bat to enjoy audio from this. Is there any way to fix this without a serious hardware hack. I know the DesireHD has volume issues too and wondered if it is something within the Android OS?

    Alternatively is there any way to give this unit bluetooth capability so that I can get it working with my Sony Ericsson bluetooth speaker which is really good.

    4) Google Calendar

    I added my GMail account while trying to access marketplace. Although the email app syncs, nothing is happening with the calendar that came with the pad. As the process was soooo straight forward on my DesireHD I am at a bit of a loss to understand why this is not working - it is Google's OS after all :(

    5) Memory cards

    What type can it use? I have seen straight Micro SD and also Micro SDHC. Class 4 seems to be reasonably priced but is it suitable?

    I am usually savvy when it comes to tech but this is new ground for me and I would appreciate any advice that could get this unit working better.

    I am visiting PC World tomorrow to check the the Advent Vega which seems to have everything in working order albeit that my poor boy wallet will shiver at the extra cost :) but I actually prefer the overall concept of the Superpad 3 if these problems could be sorted.

  14. Roidz99

    Roidz99 Well-Known Member

    1: for the marketplace you might have to update yr firmware to Tims 3a rom.
    That rom gives you loads of fixes, its a must have i think.

    2: flash in browsers is kinda shitty. I suggest using a swf player if you want to play flash games. i'm pretty sure there will be updates soon that improve flash in browsers soon.

    3: speakers are crap, use headphones or external speakers, then the sound is great

    4: i didnt used it so can't tell much about that. There are prolly many alternatives on the market ?

    Tip: use an alternative market if u can't get the official market perfect. I'm using Applanet, and i must say its great ! it works exact the same as the official market,but haves almost all free and payed apps. It also does updating.

    but my biggest advice is to get Tims 3a rom !
    This turns yr device from a mediocre device into a superb device.
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  15. Pulsator

    Pulsator Member

    Hi Roidz99

    Thanks for responding to my questions.

    Do you have any advice on the SD cards as I don't want to buy something I can't make use of?

    The crazy thing is, if the problems were sorted, aside from the screen which is alright but not crisp I could see this being a real iPad alternative.

    I'm not deluding myself that the tech is comparable but with the keyboard attached and a free MS Office compatible suite this cheap little tablet can actually be put to good productive use.

    While I won't knock the quality of Apple's offering, I struggle to understand why so many are willing to chain themselves down for a bit of convenience and bling.
  16. Roidz99

    Roidz99 Well-Known Member

    i think 32gb is the max (not sure) - for the rest dont get the cheapest cards u can get,they are sometimes not working right.

    Also the SD card should be formatted as fat32 (should be as default)
  17. smorgan19

    smorgan19 Well-Known Member

    You do know that the main distribution point for iBex tablets "************" are also selling the fake clones (http://************.com/superpad-3-...0-3g-flash-10-1-tablet-pc---haipad-m1002.aspx)... See my post here: Buyer Beware! Superpad III, Flytouch 4 are NOT Flytouch 3 - Only Clones! It's quite confusing for consumers. And to be honest if your someone that knows nothing about tablets, and your comparing specifiactions which are exactly the same as the iBex tablets with the exception of the 16gb model, your going to purchase the cheaper one aren't you? I'm not supporting fake clones but i think at least if ************ is the main exclusive distributor for iBex tablets they shouldn't sell fake clones. If i was iBex i'd be really ticked off and doing something about it. Let them sell the other fake clones through other distributors like Alibaba and others etc...

    Useability: With the stock ROM the SuperPad III's (clones) are not very useable but with the help of some of the firmware specialists on the Apad forums, they've developed custom ROMs that address every issue i've come across with my clone.

    Lastly, this thread was started to assist those with clones that have fallen into purchasing a fake clone that are having problems, and hopefully through users of this threads knowledge we can all help each other. Which means talking and discussing about the issues we're having with all of our devices. In no way promoting fake clones but collaborating and helping each other.


  18. Pulsator

    Pulsator Member

    It really is a bit of a mine field.

    Can IBex not take the approach of creating a set of standards for those creating clones, under license from them, so that end users can gain some level of confidence in the product line?

    Love the fact that I can tether the tablet to my DesireHD; kinda cool but could be better if 3G networks were faster.

    Roidz99 - thanks for all your advice. I have ordered a 16Gb Kingston card so hopefully won't have any problems.

    You mentioned the 3a ROM but a visit to the download page shows a 3b and 3c. Are these stable?
  19. Roidz99

    Roidz99 Well-Known Member

    at the time i wrote it 3a was the latest. My gues is that 3b -3c are the ones u should get now,but untested by me.
    So try the latest,if u experience problems, fall back to 3a
  20. smorgan19

    smorgan19 Well-Known Member

    Yeah i also can't say i've tested 3b or 3c yet. But am very happy with 3a and it's stability. I'm running it on my main SuperPad and the other SuperPad i'm constantly trashing for development.
  21. tom732

    tom732 New Member

    hey, got the "superpad III" today but the manual doesnt match up with the actuall tablet also it is supposed to be a 16gb but it says there is only 3.33gb left :/ and when i try and download anything from android market it just say's memory is full. can anyone help? do i need to have a sd card?
  22. smorgan19

    smorgan19 Well-Known Member

    Have you loaded any custom ROM on it yet? Or is it the same as you got it?
  23. smorgan19

    smorgan19 Well-Known Member

    After doing some testing, i upgraded the 4gb internal card with a 16gb card i had lying around. Mine also says 3.33gb left but then if you go into "My Pad" it shows there is 10.43gb free and available. Not sure about the Market issue but will do some further testing and let you know. Some apps when installing from the Market do require an SD card present tho.

    I'd be guessing... The "My Pad" is looking at a different partition to the one that SD card and storage is looking at. Hence the 2 different sizes. The 3.33gb is space left on system partition.

    There are 6 (1 extended) partitions in total on the internal SD card. They are as follows:

    Partition 1 - FAT32 - Size 150mb (approx)
    Unallocated space - 7mb (approx)
    Partition 2 - EXT3 - Size 200mb (approx)
    Unallocated space - 10mb (approx)
    Partition 3 - EXT3 - Size 970mb (approx)
    Unallocated space - 70mb (approx)
    Partition 4 Extended Partition (3.5gb approx)
    Partition 5 - EXT3 - Size 60mb (approx)
    Partition 6 - FAT32 - Size 3.5Gb (approx)

  24. smorgan19

    smorgan19 Well-Known Member

    Steps to upgrade internal storage. I take no responsiblity for anyone doing damage to their own devices. This is only a guide and you use at your own risk.

    Remove stylus and external SD card before proceeding. Best to use a jewelers screwdriver set for this procedure.

    1. Remove 4 caps covering screws with small flat blade screwdriver.
    2. Remove screws.
    3. Place a flat head screwdriver (small) under the black strip to the left of the camera and pry back gently.
    4. Unplug cable that connects screen. Gently just pull out it unplugs.
    5. Unplug the ribbon flex cable from board connecting to the screen. To unplug you need to have a small screwdriver flat, gently to the left of the cable at the board press with the screwdriver on the brown clip 2mm away from clip, then do the same on the right side. Then pull out the ribbon cable.
    6. Remove disconnected screen and place somewhere gently.
    6. Remove the plastic film that sits over the main board.
    7. Remove screws holding main board.
    8. Remove screw holding vibration motor in.
    9. Gently lift up vibration motor with screwdriver and just leave there loose.
    10. You should now be able to lift up the main board and gently tilt to the right as there are still other cables connected.
    11. With the board being up at 12 o'clock tilted to the right you should now have access to the internal SD card which sits on the underside of the board.
    12. Gently pull out the internal SD card and replace with one of higher capacity (up to 16gb, recommend class 6 or higher).
    13. Re-seat the main board.
    14. Gently push the vibration motor back in it's place.
    15. Put screws back in to hold main board.
    16. Put film back over main board.
    17. Connect screen back together, first plug in the ribbon flex cable from the screen to it's original position on the main board. Make sure it's properly seated before clipping brown clip back in.
    18. Plug back in screen cable gently just plug together.
    19. Clip screen back into case.
    20. Put case screws back in to hold it all together.
    21. Put external SD card in with ROM files on it to flash.
    22. Turn on device and the update process should start as usual when updating to any custom ROM.

    I have been testing with 32gb internal card but seems to fail during the update ROM process. I've only had sucess with 16gb at this stage. Hopefully i can get this 32gb working soon and will post results.

    There is another guide here with a few pics: http://www.apad.tv/apadforum/showth...ment-Upgrade-Avail&p=3050&viewfull=1#post3050
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  25. meofnet

    meofnet Member

    Good day, i got my superpad 3 today

    Firstly i thank you all for the information i was able to install the tim3a mod into the superpad 3 and it works much better.

    Before mod: gsensor was not sensitive and there was no flash playable from websites, i was not happy that i could not watch flash as i had hoped.

    After mod: gsensor works and i notice the touch screen is better also flash works now, but video from websites play slowly i think this is problem with flash on tablets and not because this tablet is poor quality.

    Design: The design is very nice, i like the feel of the superpad, it is not cheap in my hands and already my friends are impressed but many still say it is fake iPad but i say it is better, it is cheaper and can do more plus you can hack the android which you can't on ipad. It is more heavy then i thought it would be but it is ok.

    I have not tried marketplace but when i do i will download some games like angry birds and tower defense games. Do you have any recommendation for which games work good on the superpad?

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