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  1. samsaysmore

    samsaysmore Member

    Hi there!
    I've had the Superpad 2 (with the new update) for a month or so and yesterday it just stopped charging. The light charging light won't come on either. I've tried multiple power plug points and I let the battery completely die before trying to charge it again. Anyone else had this problem? Is the charger a standard one that I could just find a generic for? I live in South Africa so if anyone from here would know of specific shops. I'm hoping it's just the charger.

    Then if I get that working I have a question about the 3G stick I have Huawei E1752. I've been struggling to get it to work on the pad apparently I have to go through terminal services and do stuff but the instructions are a little flimsy. Does anyone know of a screen-shot guide to doing this? I really don't want to mess up my 3G stick...

    Thanks in advance

  2. yascooluk

    yascooluk Member


    I purchased a Superpad 2 (fly touch 3) and on the first day i used it, it went to charge it and it would not charge. the red charging light would intermittently come on and off as i plugged in the charger. also when i plugged it in the screen would start to flicker white. I tried a number of other chargers but still the same problem. i have now sent it back to the supplier for repair! im suspecting a long wait before i get it back!...
  3. samsaysmore

    samsaysmore Member

    Turned out to be a (not very nice word) cable. My boyfriend cut off the connector and solderd it onto another charger and now it works perfectly. Except for a ugly cable but that's not a big concern of mine :)
  4. Abby88

    Abby88 New Member

    I recently order Superpad 3 from china and in a few days my charger blew so i went to
    PC world and i got it fixed then in about a week it wont work again.i was wondering if there some way i can fix it myself?? the light wont even come up anymore

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