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  1. geofferyh

    geofferyh Member

    How does my SuperPAD (Flytouch 2) with Android 2.1.1 determine which of two installed 16GB SDHC cards it is going to use? The one identified as Drive C: has all kinds of folders, including "MyBackupPro" original Apps and Data backup folder.

    When I did a backup tonight, MyBackupPro couldn't find the previous backup folder. I just told it to backup to the "SD Card" and it did the backup to the Drive: D or second (empty) 16GB SD Card.

    All my Apps seem to only ask to get data from either "SD Card" or "Online". How do you select which SD Card or Flash drive from which to store or retrieve data?

  2. cruxader

    cruxader Member

    It doesn't. Android appears unable to fix a drive letter to any hardware location - all depends on whichever gets activated first.

    I make it a point never to boot the FT2 with more than 1 SD card (USB drives OK). This way, I make sure Android always sees the first & only card upon boot and it is always /sdcard.
    To ensure the card naming stays consistent, always insert the second SD card after system boot is complete. Recommended to do a Fast Reboot as I find that sometimes, just unmount, unplug & re-plug the same USB drive does not necessary re-connect as the same USB drive (especially if the previous app is still active somewhere in the system).
  3. geofferyh

    geofferyh Member

    Thanks for your input.

    Seems to me that having two SD slots is not much of a feature based on your information.

    In retrospect, I think I should have purchased a single 32GB SDHC Card instead of two 16GB SDHC Cards.
  4. cruxader

    cruxader Member

    Not a total loss.
    You just have to insert the second Sd card after the boot has completed.
    But, I prefer to use USB thumbdrives as they are easier to plug & un-plug. And harder to lose!

    Perhaps this is the main reason why there are very few Android tablets with more than 1 SD slot! :)

    Unless we can get an system application (like a startup manager) that can control the sequence of SD card detection, this is always going to be a tricky point for a truly multi-tasking OS...

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