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  1. carter67

    carter67 New Member

    Hi folks first post so forgive me if it's in the wrong place.

    I'm a pc guy I fix them build them general nerd but the Wife bought me a Superpad 3 for xmas and I installed an app that changed the screen lock slider do a different 1 instead of the green android 1.

    Problem is I can no longer unlock my screen as the unlock slider does nothing except move unless it's shutting down, the slider works for that.

    Now being a pc guy sometimes when all else fails re-install can be the only fix however in this case I have no idea what to re-install with.
    I tried holding down 3 buttons to do a reboot that I saw on youtube but this did nothing.
    I've seen a few rom's and understand how to flash it but just not sure what 1 to use.
    The only info I can retrieve from the pad is: It's Superpad 3 says it's running Android 2.3 also says on start up screen 2011-09-26 (011111)

    So fella's any help here on either curing the initial "unlock" problem or words of advise as to which rom to use would be much appreciated.


  2. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Welcome to the forums!

    Sorry to hear of the trouble - I've moved your post over here to our Flytouch 3 forum (same device as yours) in hopes the folks here can help you with this.

    PS - I know on many phones, you can fix this by pulling the battery, then holding some combination of buttons during power-up to get a lower-level menu that will let you do a factory reset. That will erase your data, but will also solve the problem.
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  3. carter67

    carter67 New Member

    Cheers Bud much appreicated.

    It's so frustrating I can see everything working in the background I just cant get to it, I've tried everything I can think of to unlock it.

    I tried the button combination and I got to the beginning of a factory reset then it ended as extracting failed saying check your zSYS.img
  4. dart16

    dart16 Well-Known Member

    Does pressing the menu button twice unlock the screen?

    Also, if you have a usb keyboard F1 twice will do the same... thats assuming loading a different lock app hasn't altered the default keymapping.;)

    EDIT: just noticed you have 2.3....might be different then as the menu x 2 is for 2.2
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  5. carter67

    carter67 New Member

    dart16 Buddy your a genuis! Like you thought the keyboard was re-mapped but a combination of Func&End keys let me in for micro seconds at a time and after 2days and the end of my fingers being worn down and with the aid of a mouse I managed a factory reset within android settings BOOM out the Box!

    Thankyou I owe you 1...Cheers Steve

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