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Superpdad LCD pinoutSupport

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  1. superflickepad

    superflickepad New Member

    Hello All,

    I have a Superpad that will only power on the screen when you press on the back in the center of the tablet.

    Upon getting it apart and checking a few things I found a broken wire on the LCD cable.

    The problem is I am unsure where it went, because all the pins in the connector have wires attached to them.
    Therefore, either I have lost the pin out of the connector or one terminal was double crimped with two wires.

    Does anyone have a pinout for the LCD cable for the end that connects to the tablet circuit board?
    or if someone has their pad apart could you grab me a close up photo of the wires at the back of the connector.

    Option three would be buying a new cable if someone could tell me where to get it at.

    Oh, I have pics, but they wouldn't let me post them.

  2. superflickepad

    superflickepad New Member

    OK, here is a little update

    Another post identified the LCD as a INNOLUX DISPLAY CORPORATION BT101 W01, according to the cut sheet
    my broken wire is #35 which is the Dimming signal input.

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