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  1. Squinty13

    Squinty13 Well-Known Member

    As there is no thread for the discussion of SuperSU issues, now seemed like a good a time as any to start one due to the problems some people have recently experienced.

    Here is a link to Chainfire's development thread over at Xda:


    In addition, here is a link to his website, which amongst other things has some useful info on the recent "dumpstate" situation:


    This is the Google Play link for the free version:


    Remember, always run SuperSU after an update so as to update your binaries.

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  2. Squinty13

    Squinty13 Well-Known Member

    V1.04 is now available. First post has been updated with a Play link.

    Change log:

    02.01.2013 - v1.04
    - PIN code now survives uninstalling Pro (vuln. fix)
    - Fixed pm freeze in logs/settings (USB debugging)
    - Fixed various util freezes (convert to system, uninstall) (USB debugging)
    - Fixed minor UI text issues
    - Language files updated
  3. Squinty13

    Squinty13 Well-Known Member

    New update available for Super SU. Changelog from XDA as follows:

    20.02.2013 - v1.05
    - Fixed possible issue with OTA survival
    - Fixed su binary notification freeze issue when suid bit lost
    - Fixed background root command freeze when suid bit lost
    - Improved su binary version and root presence detection
    - Added cleanup stage (detected when needed) before converting to system app, to prevent settings loss
    - Language files updated
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  4. Squinty13

    Squinty13 Well-Known Member

    Latest release:

    23.02.2013 - v1.10
    - Added support for x86 devices
    - Added basic multi-user support
    - Language files updated
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  5. Squinty13

    Squinty13 Well-Known Member

    New Changelog direct from XDA:

    28.02.2013 - v1.20
    - Added basic tablet theme
    - New prompt activity for >= API 14 (Android 4.0)
    - Changed default theme+icon to light+emblem (you can change it back in settings, if you want)
    - Fixed custom dialog box themes in light+darkactionbar theme
    - Fixed issues with the light theme
    - Various minor modifications to UI
    - Several security improvements
    - Added TWRP/CWM binary installer
    - android.permission.ACCESS_SUPERUSER - detection and display (disabled by default, see settings)
    - Fixed process name detection issue
    - Freeloader option (I'm not sure this is staying, so enjoy it while you can)
    - Internal refactoring
    - Updated language files

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  6. Squinty13

    Squinty13 Well-Known Member

    Latest changelog:

    03.03.2013 - v1.25
    - Fixed permission display on Play
    - Fixed crash on open and immediate close
    - Ask again time choice is now remembered per-app
    - Updated language files
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