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  1. ongadget

    ongadget Member

    My superuser app seems to have an issue. The permission dialog box pops up fine and root apps seem to work. But there seems to be a glitch with the superuser app.

    The description gets cut off, all I see is a bunch of numbers for the permissions I gave. But its hard to distinguish without looking at the description. I used the vulnerable recovery method to root.

    Anyone else having this problem? Any solutions/suggestions?

    screenshot attached.


    Thanks in advance.

  2. ashketchum

    ashketchum Well-Known Member

    There is a new version available at xda-developers. Superuser 2.2.2 - Install fixed (really this time) [2010-07-07] - xda-developers . You can install it manually using terminal emulator or adb. Or you can use OpenRecovery which has the option to install it. In adb or terminal emulator, after you use the "su" command to become root, you can still delete it from /system/bin/ and you can also delete the "Superuser.apk" in /system/app/. Or you just can overwrite them with the new ones.

    I chose to manually install by the way. If you also want to manually install and want further instructions, lemme know. :)
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  3. ongadget

    ongadget Member

    Thanks for the reply!!

    By open recovery do I need to copy the zip file to my sd card, rename it as and apply Or do I need another kind of open recovery.

    Not sure how to do it manually. Do i just copy the content of the zip\system to the system folder on my device? What do I do after that? It would be great if you could help me out here.
  4. ashketchum

    ashketchum Well-Known Member

    I recommend that you manually install the new Superuser app. Use the following steps to install it manually.

    1. Download the "" file from here and extract the "Superuser.apk" and "su" files from it.

    2. Copy those two files to your sd card and after that remember to eject/unmount it from your pc and change back to "charge only" mode or disconnect the USB cable so that your sd card is accessible from your phone.

    3. Install Terminal Emulator from Market if you haven't already.

    4. Open Terminal Emulator and use "su" command to become root.

    5. Remount your phone's system partition as writable using the following command.

    Code (Text):
    1. mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock6 /system
    It may not be "mtdblock6" for some milestones, use the "mount" command to confirm.

    6. Copy and replace the old Superuser.apk with the new one from your sd card.

    Code (Text):
    1. cp -f /sdcard/Superuser.apk /system/app/
    7. Copy the new "su" file from your sd card to /system/xbin and change permissions to 04755.

    Code (Text):
    1. cp /sdcard/su /system/xbin/
    3. chmod 04755 /system/xbin/su
    8. Remove the old "su" file located at /system/bin and create a symlink to the new one in /system/xbin.

    Code (Text):
    1. rm -f /system/bin/su
    3. ln -s ../xbin/su /system/bin/su
    9. Reboot phone.

    After rebooting you should see the new Superuser app in your app drawer. Also, the old Superuser app gets listed as "com.koushikdutta.superuser" in Settings > Applications > Manage Applications. You can go ahead and uninstall that.
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  5. ongadget

    ongadget Member

    Thanks, worked out well for me. The new superuser app is way better.
  6. skinnyvoice

    skinnyvoice Member

    The new Superuser.apk is orders of magnitude better! Highly recommended upgrade
  7. Coosh

    Coosh Member

    Should add ashketchum to the root guide. HIGHLY recommend for anyone rooting their milestone.
  8. spottyelephant

    spottyelephant Well-Known Member

    In terms of being ridiculously lazy - can i just copy and paste the new file(s) over the old ones!?
  9. ashketchum

    ashketchum Well-Known Member

    Yes you can. :D
  10. spottyelephant

    spottyelephant Well-Known Member

  11. nicholaelaw

    nicholaelaw New Member

    You sir deserve a kiss! This has been the No.1 problem with my rooted Milestone! This should be added to the original for rooting! Or at least mentioned in the rooting guide!
  12. TEKKEN

    TEKKEN New Member

    I need help installing this superuser.apk too, I have the HTC MyTouch 3G 1.6 firmware. Never been rooted or urooted.
  13. ashketchum

    ashketchum Well-Known Member

    You can use Universal Androot to install it. Download Universal Androot version 1.6.2 beta 5 from here. Use a file manager like Astro (which you can find on the Market) to install it. And then use it to root your phone which will also install the Superuser app.

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