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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by abelia, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. abelia

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    Sep 18, 2010
    On a Galaxytab 7.0 Plus N, I have Superuser 3.1.3 with su 3.1.1, according to the "About" etc. screens I could find. This has been installed via SuperOneclick about a month ago. I did it this way because I like it non-intrusive, I don't want to install a complete new ROM with less bloatware, more cool features but also new bugs.

    This root installation is still partially working, but seems to be accumulating breakage.

    My first root app, NTPsync, seems to get root access according to logs, but the time is off. If any other app tries to get root, it hangs for a long time until killed with a Task Manager. I have disabled Superuser notification (since then the menu option is grayed out), and I have disabled the prompt (set to allow always), with mostly no change (but some things seem to fail faster now).

    When i call su in Terminal, nothing happens until i use Ctrl-C twice, then it says "Permission denied" and logs a "Denied" entry even though it is set to allow always.

    In Root File Manager, when I try to access the /data directory, nothing ever happened except that it hangs for some time.

    I installed SuperSU. This fails to install its su, hanging forever. A few other root operations hang forever too (until killed), notably 2 root checkers.

    What could be wrong? Did this happen to anyone before? When I read other questions, it seems devices are either rooted or not, but they don't hang forever on the question like f(x) in Recursively enumerable set - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Should i try to re-root it? if so, how?

    Edit (correction)

    For rooting this device, I think I installed Clockworkmod recovery first (placed it on the sd card, booted, followed some instructions), then just installed superuser from the market.

  2. vobguy

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    Nov 16, 2011
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    I don't have my tab handy unfortunately to check a few things. One thing to try - if you can get Titanium Backup to run, it sometimes can fix your SU binary if there is an issue with it. it actually fixed an error I was seeing with mine. Of course, it found the issue all by itself, so not sure how to make it do it if it doesn't find the error on it's own when you run it

    Another idea to try - I would suggest you try the app SuperSU by Chainfire. That sometimes clears up some issues with root. Also, if you can't install it, then you know for sure root is "borked", to use a highly technical term. One time I had to uninstall my root application and re-install it.

    What OS are you running? On Honeycomb , at least for the regular P6210, root is super easy, no need for superone click, its a matter of putting a file on the external sd card, booting in recovery mode (simple) and selecting the , it will boot and update the root files. Then you can install Superuser or SuperSU. I am assuming the 7.0 N is essentially the same internally as the WiFi only P6210?

    ICS is only slightly more difficult to root, if that is what you are running. I suppose there is a good chance of that since I think your area is probably included in the same region as Austria and the UK.
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  3. abelia

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    Sep 18, 2010
    Thanks vobguy, I'll try that. I think my rooting procedure was actually similar.

    News: I applied your, and it works! as seen in NTP notifications, and called "su" in Terminal. So I can apply this any time root breaks.

    Next I'll install Supersu to again control who gets root access.

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