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Superuser Update

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  1. Bakuron

    Bakuron Well-Known Member

    Has anyone here updated the Superuser app to the latest version on the market? For some phones it appears to be problematic. What about the Ace?

  2. Bakuron

    Bakuron Well-Known Member

    For the record I'm operating v. (database version 5) with the Su binary v2.3.1-ef
  3. Bakuron

    Bakuron Well-Known Member

    Latest version of superuser appears to be 3.0.7
  4. chrcol

    chrcol Well-Known Member

    I did it and the logs stopped working and rooted apps didnt show in the list.

    also the layout seemed broken so I uninstalled the update.
  5. StoneBoyTony

    StoneBoyTony Well-Known Member

    Guys yesterday a made an update of the zip file now integrated Superuser v3.0.7 and su binary v3.0.3.2 and BusyBox v1.19.3


    UNIVERSAL GINGERBREAD ROOT SAMSUNG GALAXY GT-S5570, GT-S5570B, GT-S5570I, GT-S5570L, GT-S5660, GT-S5660M, GT-S5660L, GT-S5660V, SHW-M290K (Korean GIO), GT-S5670, GT-S5670B, GT-S5670L, GT-S5830, GT-S5830B, GT-S5830C ,GT-S5830D, GT-S5830i, GT-S5830L, GT-S5830M, GT-B7510, GT-B7510B, GT-B7510L, GT-B7800, GT-B5510, GT-B5510B, GT-B5510L, GT-B5512, GT-B5512B, GT-S6102, GT-S5360, GT-S5360L, GT-S5360T, GT-S5363, GT-S5369, GT-S5690, GT-S5690L, GT-I8150, GT-I8150B, GT-I5510, GT-I5510B, GT-I5510L, GT-I5510M, GT-I5510T.

    This is only for the people that they are using Gingerbread and can't root their phone with SuperOneClick. You can root your phone with universal_gb_root_v17.zip file for your phone model.

    Question: How do I Root Gingerbread on my phone?


    - First enable Unknown sources on your phone (Settings -> Applications -> Unknown sources)

    - Download the universal_gb_root_v17.zip file and put in your SD card.

    * How do I transfer universal_gb_root_v17.zip on my SD card?

    (You can tranfer the universal_gb_root_v17.zip to your phone via Wifi, Bluetooth, SD micro Adapter or USB cable. To transfer it via USB cable you need first to download KIES from the offical Samsung Web Site and after installing restart your PC so the USB drivers can be recognized properly.Enable USB debugging on your phone, Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging. Plug in the USB cable and enable the connection on you mobile phone like the picture in the bottom. After couple of seconds your SD card will be showed on your PC like Removable disk. Copy universal_gb_root_v17.zip to your SD card.)


    - After transferring your file on your phone disable the USB by pressing "Disconnect storage from PC" after that remove the USB cable and turn off your phone "Power off".

    [Entering recovery mode on GT-S5830]

    - Make shure you start the phone like this : Long press and hold the (Power Button) + (Home Button)


    [Entering recovery mode on GT-S5830i]

    - Make shure you start the phone like this : Long press and hold the (Volume up Button) + (Home Button) + (Power button)


    - After couple of seconds you will see your phone booting in recovery mode

    - Move in the menu with the Volume - Volume + to scroll up and down and choose "apply update from sdcard" with the Home button and choose the universal_gb_root_v17.zip and press once again the Home button to apply it.


    - You will see a message "Install form sdcard complete".

    - Then press on the "reboot system now" and you are done.

    Download link for Universal Gingerbread Root (by StoneBoyTony) :


    What's new in this version:

    - Superuser v3.0.7
    - su binary v3.0.3.2
    - BusyBox binary v1.19.4 (new)

    Important: Root and Unroot method is designed to work in recovery mode on Stock ROM's. CWM Recovery and Custom ROM's are not supported! And never try to unroot your phone when you are using Custom rom!

    - First thing you need to remove all the applications that they are depended from root
    - To UNROOT use the universal_gb_unroot_final.zip apply it the same way as for the rooting in Recovery mode

    You can download the UNROOT from here: universal_gb_unroot_final.zip

    What's new in this version:

    - Deleting all traces of Superuser
    - Deleting all traces of Suhax
    - Deleting all traces of Busybox and Busyboxpro (and all applets created in xbin that they are symlinked cusing sometimes Busybox to fail of uninstalling them so that problem is solved i add them all to be deleted. )
    - Deleting all traces of Superoneclick


    For those who already have root and want to update you need first uninstall all app that they are depended from root then apply in recovery mode the universal_gb_unroot_final.zip and enter again in recovery mode and apply the universal_gb_root_v17.zip


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  6. baconfrazzles

    baconfrazzles New Member

  7. StoneBoyTony

    StoneBoyTony Well-Known Member

    no need to reply to thank me hit the thanks button only and save energy ;)
  8. Mackinon

    Mackinon Well-Known Member

    I followed the instructions to unroot my phone after rebooting it is showing the samsung boot logo and nothing else is happening..... what should i do?​
  9. StoneBoyTony

    StoneBoyTony Well-Known Member

    On your previous post?

    And your results?

    You have been warned in your previous post. Now you have damaged your boot loader. Try to update your phone via odin with stock ROM if you can get in download mode. But first you need to enter recovery mode to wipe cache patition and wipe data/factory reset and after that put your phone in download mode and flash via odin. You have bricked your phone using the unroot method with already installed CWM that is depended from root. If you can't get into recovery or download mode then take it to the service you might get lucky to replace your phone if is under warranty. If not then find the nearest Private Mobile Service using RIFF JTAG Box or Medusa Box repair.

    RIFF Box – JTAG Revolution
    Medusa Box - read/write boot, flash and repair LG, Samsung, HTC and other cell phone brands
    UnlockNews.eu - All BOXes, All News, One Website - Medusa Box
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