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  1. ffoghorn

    ffoghorn Member

    That's what the manual says, that's what it says in the Amazon product description...but I'm not so sure. I find a lot of stuff online that says I need it to play whatever it is I'm trying to have play.

    A visit to Adobe's install page leads me to this:

    "Sorry, Adobe Flash Player is not available from Adobe.com for your device's operating system or browser"

    What's the problem here? Is it a mistake in the specs or is it a problem with AT&T or... who knows what.

    Anybody else having this problem?

    (I can run youtube, tho. Opera mini brings up a separate youtube app that came with the phone, but other flash just doesn't work.)

  2. greg4android

    greg4android Well-Known Member

    The processor in this phone is not powerful enough to support FLASH.

  3. ffoghorn

    ffoghorn Member

    Thanks for answering, greg4android!

    So the company...misspoke.

    I don't understand why I can still play Youtube videos (generally .flv) though.

    Where did you learn this? Can you give me a link?
  4. greg4android

    greg4android Well-Known Member

    Head over to any of the OPTIMUS S, T, or V forums and you'll see alot of discussion about Flash Player not being supported on this phone because of this processor. Believe it has an ARM 600 processor.

    Some users state they have used "dolphin player" to play flash video's.
    Search for that over in the Optimus forums.

  5. kspgamer

    kspgamer New Member

    Hello, I am new on this forum so I had to post something before I could put links or web addresses in my reply, see my next post.
  6. kspgamer

    kspgamer New Member

    I have actually have found a version of Adobe flash player that works on my LG Thrive, and it does not require a rooted phone, but you will have to go through the secret menu on your phone and enable Installation of apps from unknown sources. Here is a step-by-step guide to doing this and installing Adobe flash player.

    - First you need to enter the phone's secret menu by dialing 3845#*506# ; then select the next to last option on the list "Unknown Sources Test" then tick the Unknown Sources check box and return to the home screen.
    - Download the Adobe Flash Player from here: Adobe Flash Player

    - Transfer the file to your phone.
    - Then install it (if you do not already have an app installer just search for "Easy Installer" on the Google market and download it, then use it to install the adobe flash player).
    - Now you should have adobe flash access on your LG Thrive (I hope that it will work on all LG Thrives, but it may not.)

    This version of adobe flash player works fairly well on my phone, some flash games play almost as well on my phone as on a computer, except for the small screen; some flash games run, but are slow; while some games will not run or will even kick you out of the web site. Some flash games sites, like addicting games.com, will not allow you to enter them because they do not think that the LG Thrive is flash compatible and some sites just do not run very well. I have not tried to play flash videos much but it seems to work alright on the YouTube web site. We cannot download the new version of Adobe flash from the Google market because, for some reason, Adobe does not support the type of processors that are in the LG Thrive and allot of other phones. It is not because they are not powerful enough to run it either, adobe just decided not to support them. Some of the older visions work because I think that adobe was trying to support this possessor type at first, but then for some reason they decided to stop.
    This is a old discussion, so I do not know if the original asker “ffoghorn” will see it but maybe this will help someone else who runs on to this discussion while looking for an answer to this question.

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