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  1. Lokifish

    Lokifish Well-Known Member Developer

    If you find someone posting in this thread direct them to the official thread. The more threads the folks post in the less time available to focus on the main goals.

    The main goals of the campaign is to have a unified front in submission of requests for Ice Cream Sandwich & Jellybean updates, source code, and unlocked bootloaders for the owners of Atrix MB860, Atrix MB861, Atrix ME860, Electrify MB853 ,Photon MB855, DROID X2, MB870, XT882, MT870. If everybody is one banner we get more petition signatures, better press coverage and better web saturation.

  2. Lokifish

    Lokifish Well-Known Member Developer

    "Update My Moto" has closed their campaign. Their site now redirects to Even though I felt the leak was not enough, as it only covered a very limited number of devices, I stated that I would support their decision.

    With (yours truly) attending the Big Android BBQ, please bump the various threads and spread the word.

    Yet another reason to spread the word!
    FBI warns users of mobile malware
    Google is stated as saying the following;
    "Google is aware of this and new features on its latest Android mobile OS -- Jelly Bean 4.1 -- aim to beef up the system's security over past OS iterations. With Jelly Bean's design, Google hopes to defend against hacks that install viruses, along with other malware."

    Again, the call goes out to supporters to spread the word and I hope to see some of you at the Big Android BBQ!
  3. Lokifish

    Lokifish Well-Known Member Developer

    Joke of the Day!
    How do you install the Google Calender App on an 8 month old Tegra2 Moto?

    You hit it with a hammer and by a 2 year old HTC Incredible S!
    (Out of 44 phones released by major manufacturers in 2011 that have been upgraded to ICS or better, only two are Moto's. This isn't even including the Nexus line. HTC, LG, Samsung and even ZTE, of all people, seem to be able to upgrade their Tegra2 phone to ICS. WTF Moto!)

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