Support Surf via Galaxy S3 using Bluetooth?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by BigHAZE, Aug 25, 2012.

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    Jun 4, 2010
    I have searched...but not found a definitive answer. I have spent the last three years paying Sprint $30/month to have wi-fi tethering. They just raised the price on I dropped it. I *do not* want to root my phone, so if someone would be kind enough to point me to a tutorial on how to link my Galaxy S3 to my Galaxy 8.9 Tab via bluetooth and use the internet...I would be very grateful.

    I found one tutorial on Google, but the devices "pair" but won't "connect". When paired, I tried to surf the web with the Tab 8.9 with airplane mode on (to prevent my home wifi from picking it up) and it could not connect to any websites.

    I tried FoxFi....and it doesn't work at all. (Sprint)

    I appreciate the help in advance.

    *mods delete* I found that I have to ENABLE tethering on the phone...please delete this thread.


    *EDIT - Doesn't work anyway...Sprint is blocking it! As much as I do NOT want to root my phone...they are forcing my hand...I already pay them $230/month for cell service for family plan.


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