Survival Trail - isometric zombie survival horror [GAME]

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  1. DevTim

    DevTim Member

    Hello, I am pleased to announce the completion and release of my first proper game Survival Trail. It is the culmination of 4 months of work. It is my attempt at getting my foot in the door of the indie game scene.

    It features:

    * My own personal Isometric tile based engine
    * Beautiful musical sound track consisting of 7 long tracks of eerie music,
    * Ambient sounds like fires, streams, waves, wind, forests and towns,
    * A game world consisting of around 29 maps to explore,
    * NPCs to talk to and buy or sell goods from
    * A timed spread of zombies across the map starting from the graveyard and eventually consuming most of the game world.
    * Safe zones to relax in while the zombies spread
    * A needs system (in the demo there are no health or food items)

    It requires Android 2.1 or above and is designed for ldpi,mdpi and hdpi screens. On xdpi screens the playing area may be shrunk but it should still be perfectly playable.

    Here is the demo version which has no health or food items (meaning your character will die after about 7 minutes) but is otherwise the same as the full version:

    Here is the full version:

    Here are some screen shots of it:




    Please download the demo and give it a go. If you like it why not consider getting the full version. Any ratings or constructive criticism would be very much appreciated.

  2. mcjamesv

    mcjamesv New Member

    Hey Tim check out your pm's I think you will like what I said. :D
  3. DevTim

    DevTim Member

    Thank you very much for your message.
  4. DevTim

    DevTim Member

    By the way, if anyone would like to ask questions about how the game was made for example to aid in your own development or just to satisfy curiosity then ask away. I am willing to talk about any aspect of the game or its development cycle.

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