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Suspend Widgetlocker

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  1. Timyap

    Timyap New Member

    Hi, does anybody know a way I can suspend widgetlocker? I would like to be able to suspend it while the phone is plugged in and charging.

    I have tried using Impel but widgetlocker is quite persistent and keeps coming back on.


  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    First off welcome to the forums!

    Might i ask why are you trying to stop it while the phone is plugged in?

    And you could try using Tasker and set an exception rule?
  3. Timyap

    Timyap New Member

    Thanks for the suggestion on Tasker. Will see if that has options to suspend widgetlocker.

    The reason why I would like to suspend widgetlocker is because I have setup my pop up messages from WhatsApp and sms to appear underneath widgetlocker. This is useful when the phone is in my pocket but when it is plugged in I would rather see the messages directly.

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