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SW keyboard for the galaxy wGeneral

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  1. mseif

    mseif Well-Known Member

    I am about to buy the Galaxy W, but I have seen some of the photos for its software Keyboards, and noticed that there is no words suggestions or corrections. Are they available there ?
    I have both features on my Xperia pro, who happen to have Android v 2.3.4 while the Android for the galaxy W is v.2.3.5

  2. queeni

    queeni Well-Known Member

    Android for the galaxy W is v.2.3.6
  3. mseif

    mseif Well-Known Member

    Thanks, it is 2.3.6 for S Advance but for Galaxy W , it is 2.3.5 .
  4. queeni

    queeni Well-Known Member

    no, I have Galaxy W :) :)
  5. RobboW

    RobboW Member

    Mine was older than 2.3.6 but I did the update. It has Samsung keypad and also Swype. Either have some auto features, I use Swype with minimal features turned on. The Samsung keypad had a lot of auto features which just annoyed me. Swype is much better to use and easier with one hand. The phone is just small enough to use one handed. I could never do that on my Blackberry 9700 with real keys, just too hard.

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