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swapping phones optimus v to triumph

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  1. boytoy7589

    boytoy7589 New Member

    I want to swap my contacts bookmarks and passwords between the 2 phones (optimus v and triumph). Is there any apps that will do this via sd card or computer?anyway other then takin it down to the store

  2. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    "Most" user stuff will move with your Google account (contacts, calendar). Most other apps have a "back up to SD" if it's important data, which you can just copy the folder or file to the new card, and restore. I would just back up the whole card, and copy all the folders to the new card. You'll probably have to remember your passwords.

    Personally I'd never swap my Optimus for a Triumph after reading all the problems with it (mainly GPS and signal strength). I'm waiting for "the next" larger screen with better reviews.

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