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  1. rizzp1

    rizzp1 New Member

    My Epic 4g phone broke, and I'm not able to power it up anymore... Sprint is sending me a new one tomorrow, and I'm wondering if I should put my old SD card in the new phone? Will I get any of my contacts or music? What data is specificly stored on the SD card? Thanks for any info...


  2. FCGuy1579

    FCGuy1579 Well-Known Member

    Your music, pictures and some apps(depending on whether you put them there or not) are what is contained on your SD card, your contacts are backed up with your Gmail account.
  3. ZiggSVO

    ZiggSVO Well-Known Member

    as long as when he created the contact he specified it as a gmail contact and not specifically his phone :p
  4. rizzp1

    rizzp1 New Member

    Thanks for your responses... My contacts I have backed up, and my music is backed up on my Desk Top computer... Most of my Pictures and video as well... I will wind up losing a few pics and videos, but not a big deal... Thanks again guys...

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