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  1. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    What was the name of the app?

    Astro file manager has a backup function which backsup all the apk files into a folder on the SD Card. I'm not sure if you require root for it to work though.

  2. soulgood

    soulgood New Member

    Hi all,
    just got my 3D sunday and the girl at Best Buy didnt backup correctly.
    Before i switched phones i copied the EVO 4G Hardrive to sd card and it appears to have my apps.Is it possible to load the contents from sd card to recover my apps
  3. wake69

    wake69 Well-Known Member

    not really. you will have to install all apps manually, and some will see the data some wont
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  4. Roymus

    Roymus Well-Known Member

    Sorry if this has been covered, but I'm picking up a new EVO3D tomorrow and would like to confirm with the gurus on here the proper way to transfer my 32GB SD card from my current EVO4G phone. Here's what I think I'm going to do:

    1. Do an AppBrain Sync of all my apps on my current EVO4G. Also, I will do a backup of my SMS, MMS, Call Log, and Bookmarks for transfer to my new phone.

    2. Plug my current EVO4G into my laptop and copy the entire contents of the 32GB SD card to a folder called EVO4G Backup.

    3. Plug my new EVO3D into my laptop and copy the entire contents of the provided 8GB SD card to a folder called EVO3D Backup.

    4. Copy movies, pictures, and/or music ONLY from the EVO4G Backup folder to the EVO3D folder. I am not planning to copy any other app or system folders from EVO4G to EVO3D, as I think that may mess up the 3D with old junk (one exception: I will probably copy a backup of my call log, SMS, MMS, and bookmarks made using MyBackup so I can restore them onto the new phone...I will need that stuff). If anyone has any suggestions for folders I should copy from my EVO, please let me know.

    5. Turn off both phones and transfer my 32GB SD card from my EVO4G to my EVO3D. Turn on the EVO3D and format the 32GB card in the EVO3d (how is this done? I'm not sure, but I'm betting it's a good idea). I also plan to put the 8GB SD card provided with the EVO3D into my EVO4G and format it.

    6. Plug my EVO3D back into my laptop and copy the contents of the EVO3D Backup folder to the EVO3D SD card. Unplug the phone and do a restart to make sure that the phone is functioning normally.

    7. Install AppBrain and reinstall all my synced apps from AppBrain (no data, but I'll live). User MyBackup (unrooted) to restore the SMS, MMS, Call Log, and Bookmarks.

    8. Rock on with 3D awesomeness!

    My only question on the above (bolded) is how to do the SD card format in the new phone...other than that, let me know if I'm missing something. Thanks, all...
  5. jj14x

    jj14x Guides Guide

    menu, settings, SD & phone storage. "Unmount SD card". Then, "Erase SD card"
  6. PyroSporker

    PyroSporker Well-Known Member

    The phones will automatically detect and mount FAT file system cards universally, doesn't matter if it is new or old. No formatting (erasing) necessary unless you want to clear all files and libraries from them (recommended), or partition the card for another file system (advanced users).

    Sounds like you are on the right track. I moved some other files over, like my Angry Birds profile and other game saves (although I have not tried to use them yet). Don't forget the '.data' folder because it contains your copy of Green Hornet 3D and HTC Watch update.'dcim' as you know contains your camera photos. Some other files may have things in them the system needs ('.android_secure' and 'Android'?). Back up first, Format the cards, then reload files on them so you have a fresh start. And always keep a back up copy on your computer just in case.

    To get to the format (erase) utility through the phone: From the home screen press Menu -> Settings -> SD and Phone Storage -> Unmount SD card -> Erase SD Card. If I recall correctly, The phone can only format cards up to 16GB.

    I highly recommend this Formatting (erase) utility for the PC though: SD Card Formatter 3.0 It is a computer utility that erases and formats SD cards. The software is produced through official channels and is distributed by the SD Card Association themselves.

    It features a Full Erase and Full Overwrite mode as well as quick format. I like full overwrite because it helps me feel more secure in that my data is erased from the card and over written by 1's and 0's, where as the quick format utility found on the phone may potentially leave recoverable data. Be aware, the full overwrite will take a long while, be prepared to set it and come back later. It is a good little utility nonetheless.
  7. Roymus

    Roymus Well-Known Member

    Sorry I meant to post my steps as a new thread, but appreciate the comments. Question to Pyro: You said that "the phone can only format cards up to 16GB"...can that be right? I and many others have a 32GB card, the phone can read it as such...
  8. PyroSporker

    PyroSporker Well-Known Member

    You created a new thread, but it is a frequented subject with an established home so a moderator politely merged it to where it has been more or less asked and answered before.

    I know it sounds weird but it really did use to be true back when the Evo 4G came out and 32GB cards were new/scarce, It may have been fixed with the new versions of Android I can't recall for sure. There was a software problem where it could read and write to 32GB cards but for some reason Android's format option was grayed out or shot an error. Like I said it may have been fixed but I have had a 32GB card for over a year and vividly remember experiencing it first hand.

    That is why I knew of the SD formatting utility in the first place, and I won't use anything else now. It really is a wonderful free tool to have. :cool:

    Found some documentation from last April for fun (it must have been fixed a month or three after this with an update):
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  9. cyaiphone

    cyaiphone Well-Known Member

    I just received a new 32gb memory card that i want to install on my evo 3d. What is the correctly way to install this? Do i need to format or do anything like that or do I just put it in and go?

    I have very few pictures so don't care about the transfer of them to new card.

    thanks guys!
  10. wake69

    wake69 Well-Known Member

    Transfer what you want insert and go
  11. cyaiphone

    cyaiphone Well-Known Member

    No formatting needed?
  12. ProfeZZor X

    ProfeZZor X Well-Known Member

    To be more specific:

    1) Connect your device to your PC and open up your existing 8gb SD card on your desktop.

    2) Create a folder and copy everything from your SD card to that new folder.

    3) Name and save that new folder somewhere on your PC.

    4) Disconnect your device and open up the back cover of your device to remove your 8gb SD card.

    5) Insert your new 32gb SD card and put the cover back on.

    6) Turn on your device, allow it to boot up, and reconnect to your PC.


    8) Open your SD card connection and copy over the files that you placed in the new folder.

    9) Disconnect, and make sure you check each file to ensure it works properly.

    10) You're done.
  13. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    If formatting is required, the phone will tell you that it needs to format the SD card before it can use it and give you a prompt to format.
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  14. PyroSporker

    PyroSporker Well-Known Member

    The answer has already been provided in here. I just wanted to weigh in with an idea:

    With the falling prices and further proliferation of 32GB MicroSD cards, I think this question needs to go in the FAQ somewhere. I have answered this question twice in the past month.

    This original thread has been merged to one of these ^ linked threads now (thanks Mods). Scroll up a little ways to find a priceless SD formatting utility for the PC.
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  15. sbo919

    sbo919 New Member

    I bought a 32 bg micro sd card as an upgrade but cant quite get it working when i open the shortcut on my home screen it doesnt open, i copy and paste the files but that doesnt work any program/app i can use?
  16. ronniiee

    ronniiee New Member

    I got a new sd card and followed the instructions but when I remove from the computer it takes away files that i transferred on the sd card
  17. gqtrebor

    gqtrebor Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to say that no all micro sd cards work on this phone.... I had bought a Patriot version of a micro sd card. and nothing but problems as soon as i started using it. Kept getting an error that said my sd card was unexpectedly disconnected. Decided to go and but another Sandisk version, and no problems at all again. So maybe we need a list of brands that work with this phone. At first i opted out to buy the 20 dollar cheaper one, and found out it did not work very well. ( only half the time).........
  18. Mario89

    Mario89 New Member

    I just recently registered in the forum and the amount of information is amazing.

    Like many of you i also changed my phones SD Card but i forgot to back it up at all. I gave my old card to someone else who of course formatted it before i could figure out the mistake i had made.

    Is there a way to get back at least the stuff that came with the phone like the 3D pics?
    Thank you
  19. PyroSporker

    PyroSporker Well-Known Member

    Welcome Mario! There is alot of information, Sometimes it is difficult to sift through it all and find the right answer. Don't worry though there is always someone around willing to help out. ;)

    You could try this program to try and 'rescue' the old files, but I'm thinking that will be a lost cause at this point since your friend now owns the SD card
    Undelete for SD Card - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET Download.com

    Check out the awesome FAQ/Guide if you haven't already.
    It has lots of info, sort of streamlined. Topic 1.03 and 2.11 are applicable to you, just hit the 'show' button. I've included the link you need here though.

    You will be led to this link:
    Stock Evo 3d SD Card Contents *.zip *Now LIVE* - xda-developers

    There you will find a .zip of the SD card original contents, which includes the 3D pictures and other goodies.
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  20. Mario89

    Mario89 New Member

    Thank you

    The zip file with all the content is what can really be helpful to me but unfortunately today most of the sites are going black in sign of protest.
    Ill be checking the other links immediately.

    Thanks again
  21. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    XDA is back up as of 1 PM EST.
  22. rabea

    rabea Member

    hi everyone, i just got htc evo3d with an 8gb memory card installed , i want to change my micro sd card to 16gb but i got lot of application installed on my 8gb , is there any safe way to do it ...

    thanks in advance ..:)
  23. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    Simply copy all of the files to a PC and then copy all of the files to the new SD card. You can use a media card reader or the phone itself.
  24. rabea

    rabea Member

    it is very simple , thank you ...
  25. KarlK

    KarlK New Member

    I tried the basic backup that was proposed with my 3d EVO.

    Copied 8gb card to computer.
    Inserted 32gb card in phone.
    Copied 8 GB of files back to the new card.

    Here are the errors I'm getting. In the DCIM folder... Only some of the photo files transfer back and they aren't accessible by the photo program.

    Is there a folder limit ?

    I have a large number of photo's on my phone. In fact it's probably the majority of the card taken space.

    Anyone else have this problem ?

    Suggestions ?

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