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  1. gobble

    gobble New Member

    I'll try to explain as simple as possible:

    - Bought my Lenovo A789 dual SIM in august last year.
    - I first used it in Greece with a Greek SIM-card, where it worked perfectly fine.
    - I travelled to Sweden, so I set a Swedish SIM in slot 1 and moved the Greek to slot 2. While changing flights I checked my phone and both SIM-cards were roaming = normal.
    - I arrived in Sweden and my Greek SIM was roaming, but my Swedish was not = normal.
    - After one week in Sweden, the Swedish SIM-card suddently started roaming for every call and SMS I'd try to make/send = not normal.
    - Since then, it has roamed.
    - I contacted the shop through which I bought it from, and they told me to change my IMEI. I did like they told me, but nothing changed.
    - Inbetween I travelled to Greece again, and my Greek SIM worked well as usual, even with the new IMEI.
    - Back in Sweden I contacted my Swedish provider and told them about my issue and they asked me to try my SIM-card in a phone bought in Sweden. And so I did. And it worked!
    - I then contacted the same shop again and told them the news. They asked me to empty my APN and add new ones. And so I did. But nothing changed. Still roaming.
    - I contacted my provider again and made sure all the APN-settings were correct, and they pretty much are, but it doesn't work.
    - I've restarted the phone many times, but it hasn't helped.

    What it says when I have the Swedish SIM-in and try to make a call or send a message:
    "The SIM-card you are trying to use is now roaming. No local SIM is available now. Would you like to continue?"

    What it says when both cards are in:
    "The SIM-card you are trying to use is now roaming. Would you like to continue through the local SIM?"

    When I click Yes, I recieve this message:
    "No local SIM is available now."

    Any thoughts on what might be going on? Help?

  2. k_vaggos7

    k_vaggos7 New Member

    Have you tried reseting the phone to Factory defaults or tried a different Swedish SIM?
  3. gobble

    gobble New Member

    No I have not. My main issue being that the phone was rooted when I bought it, and I'm afraid it might become unrooted if I reset it. I have yet not tried a different SIM-card, other than the provider I have but with different numbers. It is a good idea to do so though.

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