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Swift Key Keyboard

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  1. Caseylr

    Caseylr New Member

    I just downloaded the Swift Key Keyboard from the Market and I have to say this keyboard is 10x better then the OEM Android keyboard. The best feature of Swift key is it's predictive word display. The algorithm used for predictive word display is usually right on and increases the speed of typing. Go get it!

  2. broken1i

    broken1i Well-Known Member

    I love it but I don't think it's multi-touch and the buttons are too small imo.
  3. Joten

    Joten Member

    Yeah it'd be great if they changed the look and size of the keys. And added the arrow keys that the OEM keyboard has
  4. suprmallet

    suprmallet Well-Known Member

    Try Smart Keyboard Pro. It's got wider spacing on the keys, multitouch, and the guy who makes it is always updating it.
  5. evoandroid

    evoandroid Member

    I didn't like swiftkey much. I switched back to the original its still my favorite

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