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Swiftkey Beta activation?

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  1. cray91

    cray91 Well-Known Member

    So I've got the .apk on the gTab. When I go to Settings>Keyboard to try and enable Swiftkey, and press the checkbox to enable, it gives me the "This may see what you're typing' warning. When I click 'Okay' (of the option that isn't 'Cancel' it takes me back to the screen to hit the check box...only you can't ever click the check box. It won't "check".

    Anyone else have this?

  2. NinjaMom

    NinjaMom Member

    Yeah...I had to use root explorer and move swiftkey into the system app folder... there is a YouTube video that walks you thru it.
  3. NinjaMom

    NinjaMom Member

    Youtube enabling 3rd party keyboards

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