SwiftKey Beta is open again.

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    Sep 10, 2010
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    gotta sign up and wait to be approved, but it only took about 3 hours for me.

    SwiftKey VIP - Login


    the split version is really nice when you are typing with both thumbs, although i wish the keys were a little bigger. the unsplit version is on par with the gingerbread keyboard that i was using previously. text prediction is excellent, probably the best i have seen on anything other than SmartKeybord. it is certainly different, but i like to see new approaches to old problems. it is good enough for me to use exclusively instead of switching between swype/gingerbread as i have been for months.

    just thought i would let my fellow g-tab guys know! it probably won't be open long. also, getting approved for the tablet version will open the phone beta for you. ;)


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