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  1. AprilThe20th

    AprilThe20th Well-Known Member

    I just got my VIP email for swiftkey flow beta and man this is one snappy and jazzy keyboard!!!!!!!! Did anyone else sign up to try this out?I'm so loveing this keyboard!

  2. dhabell

    dhabell Well-Known Member

    Id love to try it. how did you sign up?


    can someone point me to a link?
  3. freesunshine

    freesunshine Well-Known Member


    FLAWLESSVW Well-Known Member

    Yep I got my email this morning and have been using it all day and love it! Best of both worlds. Best kb I've used so far for sure!

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  5. Mechman02

    Mechman02 Well-Known Member

    Pretty sweet keyboard! I can't figure out how to get the suggestions to show up though. Any ideas?
  6. guyphs

    guyphs Well-Known Member

    Took me forever to figure this out. After you flow a word out and want to change it, just tap backspace once and it will give you three predictions as opposed to if you hold it down and delete the whole word.

    FLAWLESSVW Well-Known Member

    Are you not getting any suggestion at all?
    I briefly unmounted my SD to xfer some stuff and noticed that swift needed the SD for suggestions. Do you have an SD? Shot in the dark but...

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