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SwiftKey on S4Support

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  1. stevendm

    stevendm Member

    I know that Swiftkey is included in the stock software for my S4. Is this version of Swiftkey the same as the one I can pay for? Are there any advantages to paying for Swiftkey?

  2. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

    It wasn't on mine. Which version/carrier is yours?
  3. crabman

    crabman Well-Known Member

    Mine (international 9500) didn't have it either but I know that I do like swiftkey and did pay for it. Also payed for swype which I use more often. I find swiftkey better for doing a lot of special characters and that sort of thing but swype faster for day to day stuff that does not include a lot of such characters. Both better than the stock Sammy keyboard which is what came on mine. Some of this is just me, when I find an app that I like and really use I buy it just cause it seems like the right thing to do. IMO try it out and compare to what you have, you're going to have a better answer than any of us could give you.
  4. stevefranks

    stevefranks Member

    Did you guys activate the swiftkey feature. I saw a youtube video showing what option you had to check on in order to activate the swiftkey keyboard.

    It's the continuous input option in the menu screen.

    I'd post the link to the youtube video, but my account is too new. Youtube s4 keyboard, and it was the first video that popped up for me.

    Hope that this is the reason you swiftkey isn't working, cause when I get the phone that is the first thing I want to add, and I was stoked to hear it came with the phone.
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  5. crabman

    crabman Well-Known Member

    Oh, thats the supposed swiftkey app included? I lied, I do have it. lol In that case I can say that in no way is that comparable to the actual application.
  6. stevendm

    stevendm Member

    Thanks for the responses. Yes, the one included was a "lite" version. In installed the real McCoy and like it better.

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