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  1. dreamb0yz

    dreamb0yz Active Member

    someone happend this problem before? after the screen timeout , and i want to use my Samsung Galaxy S3 , i press the button at right of my iphone, and when i touch the screen , the rippling water effect ir's slow about 5 - 10 second, and back to normal again, is this normal? or someone have solution about this ? please help , i will Thanks to you if you really can solved my problem or giving a comment or solution ... :D Thanks :D

  2. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    How do you get rid of the ripple effect? It even does it with non stock wallpapers.
  3. eristocrat

    eristocrat Well-Known Member

    Settings---Security---Lock Screen options---uncheck Ripple effect
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  4. dreamb0yz

    dreamb0yz Active Member

    i know how to disable rippling effect, but what i want to know is why the rippling water effect sometimes laggy / slow (The Water Effect) there's someone have this problem too? or only me? :(:(:(
  5. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Never heard of this problem before. I would expect to see this if using SetCPU screen off profile and setting the maximum to 100MHz or 200MHz. Other than that, no idea.
  6. RoarOfZonda

    RoarOfZonda Well-Known Member

    Are you clearing up your multitask bar and/or clearing the RAM from the task manager?
  7. dreamb0yz

    dreamb0yz Active Member

    i don't know how?
    the screen the water effect it's slow reflecting when we touch the screen , usually the water reflect when we touch isn'it ? it's slow ... and maybe this is appear recent when i open many software and multitask bar
    this appear randomly ...

    sometimes i do, and i don't know which program for clear or cleaning too good for android... there's any recommended?
  8. dreamb0yz

    dreamb0yz Active Member

    guys, lookslike this problem occured recently when i open some software, and the display is turn off and go to lock screen, the swipe screen ripple effect suddenly slow, any good software for clean or clear ? Thanks
  9. dreamb0yz

    dreamb0yz Active Member

    bump, there's anyone can help?
  10. RoarOfZonda

    RoarOfZonda Well-Known Member

    Honestly they say this is "the fastest phone on the market" when my iPhone 4 never lagged at any point.
    Don't get me wrong, I love my Android more than the iPhone, but the iPhone just did everything so nicely without ever crashing/slowing down itself...
  11. Veritas4420

    Veritas4420 Well-Known Member

    It could be going slow because when the screen turns off in a program the phone will open the program agian when you unlock it, This happened on my Iphone 4S as well with certain apps.
  12. Metfanant

    Metfanant Well-Known Member

    same reason Mac computers can seemingly outperform more powerful PC counterparts...

    apple controls the entire package from hardware to software...everything is designed and manufactured to work with specific hardware/software combinations...

    also...lets be honest with ourselves...your iPhone has lagged..it happens...ive seen my brother's 4s lag...my sisters..my moms...my dads...my iPad2 will do it occasionally...it happens no matter what device you have...
  13. DruDog

    DruDog Well-Known Member

    settings...Developer Options...Window Animation Scale...set to off or 0.5x.

    settings...Developer Options...Transition Animation Scale...set to off or 0.5x.
  14. Metfanant

    Metfanant Well-Known Member

    i wish people would stop posting this as ways to "speed up" our phones...it does NOTHING to increase performance except quicken the animations...the actual processes take the exact same amount of time

    this is especially irrelevant when dealing with the OP's issue of a laggy ripple effect...
  15. RoarOfZonda

    RoarOfZonda Well-Known Member

    Makes sense.

    And sure, every device lags, but this phone seems to lag every single day. It's lagging right now as we speak actually.
    I'm clearing my ram and it's still chilling at 750mb. Now, if I restart my phone it will drop down to 4xx mb. But shouldn't clearing it restore it back to normal, normal as if the phone was just turned on?
  16. Metfanant

    Metfanant Well-Known Member

    what is lagging exactly?
  17. jackdubl

    jackdubl Well-Known Member

    This happens to me sometimes. Only a reboot seeks to fix the issue for me. I think it's definitely related to some set of events occurring/some apps opening. I haven't tried killing tasks to fix it. Surprised not many others haven't experienced it.

    The problem isn't really that the ripple effect is lagging; it's that the animation runs super slow. It works as normal, nice and smooth, but the actual drops/waves animate in slow-motion instead of normal speed.
  18. dreamb0yz

    dreamb0yz Active Member

    I was confuse, this is only my androids problem or someone have this problem too, sometimes occured when i charging too, it's randomly occured. . .
  19. dreamb0yz

    dreamb0yz Active Member

    Jackdubl and anyone at here have this problem too? Already fix it ? I already try reboot and factory, but not fix at all. . Still randomly occured. . .
  20. jackdubl

    jackdubl Well-Known Member

    I have only noticed it happen two or three times since I got my phone on 7/6, I have always just rebooted my phone to fix. Sounds like it is happening to you more often? I would try to make a mental note of what you were just doing on the phone before it happens, then see if you can recreate it. We need to know the cause before we can fix anything. I think it's related to using some app in a certain way, like browser, but it's happened to me so few times I've never noted what I was actually doing right before, but I seem to remember I thought I had been doing the same thing each time. I also seem to remember it would be normal forever and then go slow all of a sudden, then wouldn't go back to normal without a reboot. Since it happens all of a sudden in the middle of use, that also leads me to believe something I was doing triggered it.
  21. Rolo42

    Rolo42 Well-Known Member

    Perhaps a list of running processes when it happens would help.
  22. Dyabollyq

    Dyabollyq New Member

    Just got my S3 and ran into this problem. Scroll down from the top of the phone to see the notifications screen (where you can enable/disable wireless and bloetooth), and uncheck the "Power Saving" Option. That should do it. It solved it for me ...
  23. Wisheezy

    Wisheezy Well-Known Member

    this happens to me often. I just presumed because I was using power saving mode my cpu wasn't as fast as what it could be and so amongst that and having some apps in the background I thought it just would be a lil laggy.

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