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  1. Omaniya

    Omaniya New Member

    Hey ..

    A relative of mine is handicaped. He can only press on his mobile using a stick. He is currently using Nokia E52, but it would really be a dream come true if he could use a smartphone.

    Am planning to convert his stick into a stylus somehow, but even if I succeeded, he cannot use a specific function which is Swiping on the phone.

    I therefore suggest an app that does that function for the user. I imagine it as a small button that appears on the screen all the time. Once the button is pressed, the user then presses on the start piont then the end point. The app swipes in the direction that connects the two points.

    Hope a developer out there would kindly develop it!!

    Looking forward for your replies.. :)

  2. Karanlos

    Karanlos New Member

    Would be relatively easy to develop but there is a problem.
    Applications can't fire touch input events to other applications. Imagine an application that could go into the play store and buy applications.

    It is possible with root access though but rooting normally void warranty.

    If that isn't an issue I could try and see if I can get it to work.
  3. Omaniya

    Omaniya New Member

    We don't mind voiding the warrantly.

    Kindly do try. We would really appreciate it.

    Looking forward for your reply!
    Thanks ^_^

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