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swiss code monkeys banned me

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  1. teamnunya

    teamnunya New Member

    I have been banned from posting or commenting on the funny jokes application by scm. Anyone have any ideas on how to get unbanned or how to create a fresh profile? I have tried factory reset several times. The app recognizes my evo when I reinstall and loads my banned profile.

  2. mmduluth

    mmduluth Member

    Have you tried going to manage applications and pushing force stop then clear data?
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  3. Clear the appropriate cookies and use a proxy.
  4. NotDrunk

    NotDrunk New Member

    Same, they deleted all my posts and banned me from posting or ceommenting, yet the 11-15 years are free to post, the pervs, pedos are free to stalk, the teens with naked pics are free to cybersex.
    I admit tho I was pointing out the truth with a strong language.

    They banned me once before and I reset my phone and used new google account. This time it did not work, they seem to have my phone IME or something, this is serious stuff I'm reporting them.
  5. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    All in the comments for their apps?! :confused:
  6. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Guys, if you've got an issue with another forum please take it up with them rather than discuss it here. I'm sure Rob wouldn't appreciate the running of AF being discussed on other forums, so let's show other sites the same courtesy.
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