Switch carriers, keep number while under contract?

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  1. alexchannell

    alexchannell Member

    I currently have a contract with ATT that ends in a month (Iphone). I'd like to get the Droid-X when it comes out thursday. Can I just not cancel my ATT contract, start a verizon contract, and have my same number?

  2. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    My wife just tried this when she got an Evo and it was nothing but problems that resulted in her getting a new number.

    My advice would be to wait out until the end of your contract then get the X.
  3. sakmaster

    sakmaster Active Member

    Yes you can, but you have to activate your new account while your AT&T account is still active.

    But you have to wait the month out until your contract is out, and then do it, otherwise transferring the number will immediately cancel your AT&T account and you will get charged the ETF.
  4. alexchannell

    alexchannell Member

    Okay thanks, I'll just wait it out :)
  5. Just use Google Voice and give everyone that number. Then it doesn't matter what "real" phone number any carrier gives you since you can just change which number to ring in your GV settings.
  6. Talbot

    Talbot Well-Known Member

    I switched from AT&T early to get the EVO 4G with Sprint and so far everything has gone alright keeping my same number. Although I did get charged 85 dollars for an ETF.
  7. gvillager

    gvillager Well-Known Member

    This sort of thing is done all the time. At&t will just bill you for the ETF. It's also important to know that you don't want to cancel before the number is ported. Once the port is completed your At&t account will automatically be cancelled.

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